What started off as an adventure to go live in a new country, has become an exciting new brand with franchisees in four unique destinations (and growing) offering guests who love independent travel the chance to stay in stylish homes with the ability to select the service that’s perfect for their needs.

Amanda and Simon Walker co founded Your Nice Apartment Ltd. in 2009

“There are plenty of owners renting out their homes themselves to earn a bit of cash and a lot of companies renting lack lustre second homes. We’ve stayed in a lot of them and our experience has been varied and service unreliable. Running around trying to find keys, crumpled bed linen and an owner the other side of the world was a common experience.” Simon Walker

“ I’m passionate about interiors and love staying in a well furnished home. But there has to me more! I love being welcomed on arrival and calling someone if I have an issue or query, but I think that should be standard. We decided to go one step further with our ‘SMART SERVICE’ so you can pick a variety of lovely extras…champagne, hot gourmet food, wine tasting, gin distillery tour, sightseeing, kayaking, cooking classes. The options are varied and local!” Amanda Walker

With more destinations in the pipeline it was clear a united brand that met the demands of independent travellers was the future. Travellers with a love for unique high quality stays teamed with a flexible service designed just for them. The STAY YNA brand was created in 2016 with one goal.



Our brand inspires you to travel and stay unique

Each property is vetted for style, quality and comfort and we have the same reliable service and standard in every destination with a local team on hand 24/7.

We’ve stayed in every home so we know what experience awaits you

We’ve not only visited and vetted them, we’ve lived in every one for at least 24 hours so we can answer all your questions with first hand knowledge.

We tell you the Naked Truth about each home

Honesty is the best policy. All our homes are great, but like every home they all have their quirks. So, we’ve dropped the towel and bared all so you book the one that’s best for you!

We give you the confidence to book securely and stay safely

From our Reservations Team to Local Managers the booking to arrival process is seamless. With secure online payment and a trusted refund policy, over 15000 guests a year and counting Stay YNA.


Our Mission

At STAY YNA holiday lettings, we inspire you to travel and stay unique with confidence.

Whichever destination you choose, every home is vetted and we’ve stayed there before you do! This means we only offer you the very best vacation apartment rentals.

Your local team welcomes you and delivers the same quality service.

Your reservations team is on hand to help you make the right choice and there’s an array of ‘Smart Services’ to choose from, so you can design your stay just for you at a price you’ll feel good about.

We passionately embrace travellers who love to Stay Unique, Stay Safely and Stay Smart with Stay YNA.



If it's your first time booking with STAY YNA then we'd like to give a EURO 20 discount on all homes to say welcome!

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1 and 2 bedroom apartments available for your winter stay...

Email [email protected] or call 0203 397 7903 for information and discounts.

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Email [email protected] or call 0203 397 7903 for information and available homes

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