What better way to launch 2021 than with our new Gourmet Welcome Hamper!

For us it’s all about shopping local and enjoying artisan locally produced products where ever possible. So we’ve teamed up with some of the best artisans in Nice to offer a unique welcome to the French Riviera.

Our guests will now enjoy:

Maison Lac Confectionaries

Pascal and Valérie Lac opened their first store in Beaulieu in 1995. Since then Maison Lac has become a mecca of all things sweet and decadent in Nice where it is mainly present. Lac promise their macarons will leave you speechless! Sounds good to me. So we’ll be supplying their delectable macarons (have you ever tried the raspberry ones mmm!)  or a chocolate box of delights in ‘I love Nice’ packaging.

Nice Gourmet Socca Chips

We’ve been using these moreish little treats for a while now and I can’t get enough of them. We first discovered them about 5 years ago when the creator was making them in his own kitchen with his Grandma Unfortunately they couldn’t provide the quantities we required, but we kept an eye on them knowing they would become big. Now they have created new Rosemary and Garlic flavours and we cannot wait to share them with our guests.

Organic Brut Prosecco

Ok, so it’s not French. But many years ago Nice used to be part of Italy until France reclaimed it. So the Italian influence is prominent in a lot of Niçoise cuisine. So, we say lets embrace the Italian influence and pop the cork on one of the best prosecco we’ve had. Prosecco Brut Collio is not only organic it is vegan too.

Are you ready for the sommelier speak?

The producer describes it as distinctly elegant and well-balanced.It is a pale straw yellow in the glass and crystal-clear thanks to the fine, persistent bead. The nose is fruity with pronounced notes of apple, peach and white-fleshed fruit, but floral too with hints of white blossoms like acacia and wisteria. On the palate it is dry, bold, well-balanced and harmonious, highlighting all the vinous notes of the grape variety used, with delicate notes of tropical fruit completing the wine’s bouquet. Versatile in terms of pairing, it goes well with hors d’oeuvres and appetizers, cheese and vegetables, but also with seafood starters.

We think it’s perfect with our Nice Gourmet Socca Chips too!

Punnet of Local Seasonal Fruit

Fruit on the French Riviera tastes delicious so we have a local grower supplying us with a selection of what’s good that week. Strawberries, raspberries, cherry, figs…as long as it’s fresh and juicy.

We will also be providing locally ground coffee from Cafe Indian in the Old Town and we will also be supplying plant based milk (don’t worry we have tested many out to ensure it tastes good in coffee and tea!)

Our Gourmet Welcome Hamper may vary seasonally and be dependent on stock and we may chop and change some treats if we see anything exciting along the way. Our emphasis will always be on artisan and locally produced and tasty!


Published by Amanda Walker

[email protected]