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As the carnival draws closer (this Saturday!), we interviewed Anastasia, an artist performing on the flower float and Kristen, a local designer who has imagined 3 of this year’s floats…


  1. What is the atmosphere like when you are performing?

Anastasia - It's like to live a fairy-tale, as the Nice flower carnival is a special event full of happiness and magic moments. Moreover, it is just so precious to see, child, adult, senior smiling. 

  1. What materials are used to make the floats? How long does it take to build a tank from beginning to end? How many people work on each tank?

Kristen - The tanks are built by maskers, designers do that imagine and draw, this drawing then serving for the masker for its realization. They use new materials such as polystyrene which allows you to make better finished personages and great cartoons. But they also still use the traditional method of paste board must combine tradition and Design Style for our carnival retained its identity. Generally, they begin construction towards October to finish ... just before the first cycle! The number of revellers to work on changes all the time depending on the stage of construction, these are teams of ten people. Before they there were almost only men, today there are also many women.


  1. Tell us about your costume? How long does it take to put on?!

Anastasia - Each costume is a handmade piece of art, designed accordingly to our personalities. Mine is full of colourful gloss and glitter and I am not able to let you know more than that as all the costumes will be revealed on February 17th! 

It doesn't take long to put the costume on, approximately 15 minutes, but each of 18 artists need to have their hair and the make-up done. So, we gather at 7 a.m. while the carnival starts at 2 30 p.m.!  

  1. You’ve been creating floats for Carnival of Nice since 2002, what makes the Nice Carnival special for you?

Kristen - Being in the region, I have always heard of the Carnival of Nice and child I went sometimes. Today to see my chariots scroll's magic, it's a kind of return to the world of childhood world that one should never leave if and responsible adult! Thanks to the carnival I also travelled extensively to present exhibitions of my drawings for Carnival or give lectures, conduct training courses in Japan, China, Italy, Colombia ... like drawing, carnival is an international language.


  1. What are your responsibilities in the flower parade?

Anastasia - I am one of 18 artists animating the carnival and performing on the flowered floats. During the parade, we share our festive mood with the spectators and launch flowers. Each float as well as each costume is inspired by this year’s Space theme!



6.All the floats you have created, which was your favourite? and why?

Kristen - My King in 2002, first because it 'was my first king, it was over 15 meters high was fully motorized, could asseoir on his throne which was behind him. It was an old king of the Franks, in 2002 we were Abandoner our historic monarchy (Franc) to go to the Euro. This tank represents the last fight Pardu ahead of the old king who rebelled against his disapriton and its replacement by a new monarchy. Symbolically we did end on 22 February 2002 Carnival Official Date money of changed, we like each whole year to the end of the carnival is burning the king (actually we burn a copy of the King). This old Frankish king went up in flames like our old. The Franks timing and symbol were perfect!

7.Describe the Nice Carnival for you in just 3 words?

Kristen - Crowd, laughing tradition.

Anastasia - Magic. Happiness. Blossom. 


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