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Roses are red, violets are blue, how will you celebrate valentines? Maybe a romantic trip for two!

The struggle is real… What do you get your better half for Valentines day? How many roses say “I Love You”. One? Twelve? Or is it twenty? And then you find yourself googling what colour rose means what… damn it cupid! St Valentines Day is a hard time for all of us. However have no fear… enter hopeless romantic Lauren! I’ve got you covered to impress your beau this V day. 

Nice has so much to offer to make your getaway super romantic and you can fly to Nice from London from as little as £24.68, Great start!  

Here are a few of my favourite ideas…


Le Lieu, La Cave du Fromager

Located in the heart of Nice, The Old Town the restaurant La Cave du Fromager is the ideal spot if you are looking for something more intimate. A beautiful cellar with exposed brick and stone, separated into several rooms. Cheese is their passion but there is also plenty to choose from! It’s a yes from me! 



 Mas Provençal

If you’re looking for a restaurant that’s a bit quirky but also breath takingly picturesque then look no further. Mas Provençal, located in the Village of Eze, is a magical setting, surrounded by fresh flowers, vegetables and exotic trees, even grapes hanging from the ceiling! If you are a wine lover Mas Provençal quality of aged wine is second to none. Their risotto and lamb are world famous and you can find lots of fantastic reviews about them! 

Although if I were you I would spend the afternoon in this beautiful medieval village, you can get the 82 or 112 bus from the Port in Nice. Eze is located on a hilltop about 1,400 feet above sea level (so wear suitable shoes as the streets are very steep and cobbled!), surrounded by astonishing views!It will be an unforgettable experience!





 Picnic at the Chateau (castle) of Nice

Okay, so it’s a little bit of a trek but TOTALLY worth that view. 

My personal favourite, grab some nibbles from the Cours Saleya food market in the morning and a bottle of prosecco and have a stroll up the Chateau. The walk up is beautiful as you get a 360 view of Nice and it is not disappointing when you reach the top! Don’t forget to take a blanket to snuggle up in.




 Private perfume creation at Galimaid perfumery -

A perfect day trip, just jump on the train to Grasse (takes about an hour) and meet a renowned perfumer! You can book a private session to create your own scent and leave with 100ml of your personal perfume. You can even get the opportunity to discover you ‘Nose’ and discover behind the scenes.





A Lovey – Dovey stay at our Juliette apartment -

If you are looking to bend the knee, STAY YNA’s Juliette apartment is known for its engagements. Over the last 10 years we have had no less than fifteen proposals and the same number of acceptances! Located in the Old Town it’s next to lively Place Rossetti with cafés and street singers and the magnificent glittering domed cathedral. It’s also a stones throw away from the Cours Saleya market, where you can buy some fresh flowers and all the ingredients for your romantic dinner. 

Sip champagne on the balcony and soak up the ambience, the perfect setting for a day to remember.



If we can help you make your Valentines day special please contact Lauren on [email protected] , we are happy to help! 

Most Instagrammable…Dingle!

Dick Mack's Pub and Brewhouse

The words "Where's Dick Macks? Opposite the Church. Where's the Church? Opposite Dick Macks" are stenciled on the pub gates and it generally sums up the quaint, quirky, iconic character of the pub. Dick Mack's has been operating as a pub and leather shop on Green Street since 1899. Steeped in history, stepping into Dick Macks is like going back in time and it remains to this day as traditional as you can get. Still making leather belts and serving great Guinness, in recent years Dick Macks has also gained an amazing reputation as a whiskey pub and was voted Overall Irish Whiskey Bar of the year in 2014, 2015 and 2016. 

In 2017 Dick Macks opened their very own brewhouse onsite. The brewhouse building has a fascinating history and has survived many uses through several generations of the Mac Donnell family. A tour of the brewery is the perfect way to spend an afternoon and what better way to sample the latest beers than in the old taproom itself.


Dunquin Pier

A charming little feat of architectural madness, the access road to Dunquin pier is perhaps the steepest, narrowest and bendiest track in the whole of Co. Kerry. Built into the dramatic, rocky cliffs at the most westerly tip of Ireland's coast, the stunning views out to the vast Atlantic and the Blasket islands are breathtaking. Just don't get too distracted by them as you negotiate the challenging terrain on foot. 

The pier is the departure point for the ferry to The Great Blasket island during the summer months. A word of warning though, do not attempt to drive down this road as you will get very, very stuck - as embarrassingly discovered by unsuspecting tourists on more than one occasion in recent years!



Clogher beach

This rugged, spectacular beach is the best place on the Dingle Peninsula to storm watch during the wild winter season. As you drive down the narrow road towards the beach it feels as if you are about to roll straight down into the rough, angry seas as you approach the "Dangerous cliffs and Strong Current signs". It is with a sense of relief and an adrenaline rush that the left turn into the safety of the small carpark above the beach comes into view. From here you can park up and face the full force of the uninterrupted Wild Atlantic Waves as they churn up seas of white foam and unnervingly huge waves and high sea sprays. 



Mount Brandon

Stay away from that mountain! There is still a small number of locals on the Dingle Peninsula who remember giving cups of tea to survivors of World War 2 plane wrecks and recall farmers falling to their tragic deaths tending to sheep on steep ridges. These folk consider climbing Mount Brandon for pleasure and exercise a crazy thing to want to do. Religion and pilgrimage, maybe, but just for fun, no.

Thankfully, there are now many, many visitors and locals who seek to satisfy their sense of adventure, who relish a challenge and who are inspired by the sensational views that reaching the summit of Mount Brandon provides. At 952m high, Mt Brandon is one of the country's highest mountains and requires a reasonable level of fitness and experience including proper hiking boots, equipment and clothing. Climbers should allow 4hrs to complete the challenge and bring sufficient food and water. The rewarding views and sense of achievement are totally worth the effort.


By Yasmin

Our Ibiza

By Pip and Fred Kirkby

We asked our Ibiza Director's Pip and Fred what 2018 is looking like for them in Ibiza

  1. What are you looking forward to in Ibiza 2018? 

 New Year’s Day:  starting with a sweat 2018 swim at Salinas beach, it’s a tradition in Ibiza for a lot of the locals to take a dip every hour on the hour until 3pm!  And then lunch with friends and dancing at DC10. We cant wait to continue to discover the hidden Ibiza as we get to know and love the island more and more!


2. Your favourite go to go beach bar?

 For paella:  Cala Martina, just north of Santa Eulalia, and otherwise the chiringuito at Cala Llenya - if you can cope with the super hot boardwalk!  It is less a walk down it than a dance to get to it with burny feet!

3. Are you crossing anything off your bucket list this year? 


A weekend in Formentera - making more of it than a day trip to enjoy the contrast to Ibiza.  It’s a different “vibe”. Maybe hire a moped to cross the island, get lost and discover hidden beaches! Definitely watch the sunset from Fora De Barbaria.

4.What was your favourite memory of 2017?

 The summer!  (All of it!).  Fun with friends and family:  amazing days on the beach, long lazy lunches, walks to see beautiful bits of the island. There are so many wonderful things to explore here in Ibiza, 2018 should be filled with many more adventures.

5.What was the last photo you took? 


The sun setting on another amazing day in Ibiza


 View fromSan Antonio (from our hairdressers!  It’s great getting your haircut there - the whole family does - awesome hairdresser - Mel - and even more awesome view!) 

Start your Ibiza adventure with STAY YNA…

Our Ibiza Villa are now available for 2018

Villa Can Felix


Casa Isabella


Casa Vista


Wren’s Day

St. Stephen’s Day, the 26th December is a very special day on the Dingle Peninsula, which is home to the renowned “Wren’s Day” celebrations. Fundamentally, “The Wren” is a long-standing traditional event, alive with colour, music and celebration which reflects the local community in which it proudly has its roots. Historically, there have always been a number of Wren groups including the Green and Gold Wren, John Street Wren, Goat Street Wren and The Quay Wren.

I had my first experience of the Wren (pronounced “wran” around here) last year. I happened to fall in with The Quay Wren and become part of it all! I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting but it certainly exceeded anything I had imagined. I would describe it as a rich, joyous, cultural mix of history, tin whistles, drums, fancy dress and a serious amount of “ceol agus craic”.

I was drafted into The Quay Wren last November 2016. Over a pint with friends in Hannie Agnes’ Bar somebody asked me if I could play the tin whistle. ‘Well, I could when I was 8’ I jokingly replied…but by the end of the evening I had been persuaded to go along to band practice the following Tuesday evening in John Benny’s pub and give it a go. And so I became the newest member of The Quay Wren, Dingle!


One evening a week from then until the big day itself we met for training and band practice in different pubs along the quay. It was serious business with notes and new tunes to be learned every week but it was also great fun and a fascinating insight into local tradition and the significance of the wren amongst the local community. One evening we all met in The Marina Inn for the “making of the straws”. This very important ritual is necessary to complete the costumes required on the Wren’s Day itself. Oaten straw is woven into hats and skirts to be worn on the day and as many members as possible are required to help out.

On the morning of 26th December we gathered at The Marina with our drums and whistles. Each member was dressed up in green and white costumes (the official colours of the Quay Wren). Face paint, straw skirts and a range of finery from wigs to onesies were adorned and off we set to the tune of “Take Her Away Down the Quay” with banners and buckets aplenty. Each wren group collects money for charity and The Quay Wren charity is the RNLI Life Boats. We marched a route around the town stopping at different watering holes along the way drumming, whistling and rattling buckets all the while. Towards the end of our journey, in keeping with a long-lived tradition, all of the wren groups met at the main bridge in town. All of the bands and their followers mixed together and played an assortment of tunes as one. A friendly rivalry exists amongst the different wren groups but this coming together in celebration of the festival was really something special and the highlight of the entire event for me.

And so it is time again to dust of the drums and dig out the tin whistle for the next outing - Wren’s Day 2017. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Hip Hip The Quay! An Cé Abú!

By Yasmin Kenny


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Nice Christmas Market!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… hot chocolate, blazing fires, mulled wine and the smell of ginger bread baking. Or, if you’re anything like myself, this time of the year means catching a cold, stressing out about staging elaborate scenes for elf on the shelf (I mean, REALLY?) and running around shopping centres trying to decide if you should buy mum that gift she really deserves, or, the Zara coat YOU cannot possibly survive the winter season without. Yep, it’s Christmas time!

To stop me becoming a total scrooge, there is one thing that gets me into the Christmas spirit every time without fail and that is a good ole Christmas Market. The Nice one has grown to become something really special and is one of my favourites, as it’s less touristy than its German counterparts.  Called the Village De Noel or Christmas Village it’s located in Place Massena and Jardin Albert 1er and there are many fun things to do and see for all.

You can’t miss the Ferris wheel in Place Massena, which has wonderful views over the rooftops of Nice. The Fountaine de Soleil is where you can jump on the tourist train to see Nice’s must–see spots. My favourite part of this winter wonderland is the large ice rink where I can show off my Torvill and Dean skills.

The market is buzzing with a festive atmosphere that gets you in the Christmas mood. With 50 to 60 wooden chalets to purchase local goods, it’s fab for a little bit of Christmas shopping! So wrap up warm, grab a mulled wine and a tasty treat from the selection of international food stalls and just have a wonder.

Village De Noel is definitely a Nice attraction not to be missed and you can have an afternoon or evening out at a small cost with your friends or family. Christmas is above all about enjoying time with your loved ones. So I brought my Zara coat. After all ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ SORRY MUM!

By Lauren





Other Voices

There’s something about the cold, wintery December weather and the twinkling Christmas lights that adds another dimension to the atmosphere around town. Blustery rain showers, wild seas and the biting cold are all the excuses you need to seek refuge by a roaring fire in a cosy pub and enjoy an amazing live music experience over a steaming hot toddy, the whole thing is relaxing, welcoming and so inviting…

December 2011 was my first time to go to the Other Voices music festival in Dingle. Before that I had heard talk of it but not enough to suggest how unique an event it really is - for that you just have to go and experience it first hand. There wasn't a huge build up to the festival, but I did become aware of an underlying, subtle sense of excitement and anticipation around the place in the weeks leading up to it. I wasn't living in Dingle at the time but was a regular weekend visitor. I still remember the envy I felt when I got a text from a friend on the Thursday night before the festival officially kicked off telling me they were in McCarthys pub with The Coronas, Damien Dempsey and Declan O'Rourke. Thankfully I was on the road west the very next day and determined not to miss out any more the fun.

Other Voices is unike any other music festival I've ever been to. All of the gigs and events are completely free, even the headline acts in St. James' Church! Tickets for the church gigs cannot be bought - they can only be won through competitions. But getting into the church isn't the main highlight! In fact, it's nearly better if you don't! The church gigs are live streamed on big screens to the main pubs around town which means you can enjoy the music from the comfort of a high stool with the added bonus of being able to enjoy a drink or two! The music trail around town is extensive and just as entertaining as the headline gigs in the church. Here you will find something for all tastes in small, informal settings, mainly pubs but also coffee shops, restaurants, galleries etc. Most of the music trail gigs are printed in the festival brochure but many are not. Some of my best memories have come about because of randomly popping in to a bar for a sneaky hot port and finding something magical happening.

Dressing up isn't required and you can get away with wearing winter woollies, hats and scarves. There are no VIP or no go areas, famous musicians, emerging artists, locals and visitors all mix happily together. You could just as easily find Hozier sat next to you on a bar stool as your next door neighbour. Everyone goes to Benner’s after the church gigs and all are welcome. It's all very low key and is a seamless continuation of the pub scene with people chatting with friends, and, you know, new friends like Damien Rice, Gavin James, Ellie Goulding or Glen Hansard...

The unplanned nights are always the best. Two years ago, a friend and I popped into the supermarket on the Saturday afternoon of the festival. While there we decided to check out what was happening in the Tom Crean brewery. David Kitt was playing. He was an exceptional and it was the just beginning of another fantastic evening. One Sunday night we were at home, a little weary after two excellent nights at the festival and contemplating an early night. But we had heard about a local band that were playing in one of the pubs. Not wanting to miss out we found our second wind and headed in. I'm so glad we did. It was our first time seeing Walking on Cars and it was so exciting to discover such up and coming talent right on our doorstep. I remember jokingly saying that in years to come we'd be able to say we saw them before they were famous. Never a truer word as it turned out.

That's the thing about Other Voices - lots of emerging new musicians feature. At the 2015 festival we decided to go to a gig in the Dingle Court House, largely out of curiosity to see what an actual functioning court house would be like as a venue. We were blown away by Wyvern Lingo. It was an outstanding experience and they held the audience captivated throughout.

Last year we were lucky enough to get to attend a gig in the church for the first time. We managed it simply by chancing our arm and being in the right place at the right time - the street outside the church. Once the people with wristbands had gone in we asked the doorman on the gate if there would be any chance of standing room at the back or taking the place of any no-shows. To our amazement he told us to just hang on and he'd see what he could do! 5 minutes before the first gig was due on stage he ushered us in. We ended up in the front row. Amazing. Pixie Geldof was the stand out performance that night, but other memorable acts included Kojey Radical and Rejjie Snow. This rare opportunity to experience the live gigs from inside the Church was fascinating. The acoustics, for one thing, were unbelievable. The quality of the production for the Other Voices TV show was impressive - the presence of all the high tech equipment and TV cameras was a little disconcerting at first but once the performances started it all seemed to fade into the background.

The first acts are now being announced for Other Voices 2017. Needless to say we are eagerly anticipating yet another wonderful weekend of music, atmosphere and time spent with friends old and new. A truly rare event, it still manages to be one of the music industry's best kept secrets.

 The 2017 Other Voices Music Festival takes place from 1st - 3rd December and like every year we simply can't wait!

You can enter to win tickets here -

Or visit Other voices Fabebook page -

Made in Dingle

Holden Leather Goods

Dingle is home to an exceptionally wide variety of locally produced food, crafts and artworks which have been gaining a reputation for quality, innovation and style. In order to showcase this creativity and quality we have decided to focus on a local business each month in our new “Made in Dingle” blog series. We hope you enjoy it! First to feature in the series is Holden Leathergoods


Holden Leathergoods was founded almost 30 years ago after Conor Holden returned to Ireland from London with the mission to create a new luxury brand of leather goods. Today Holden are the longest established leather goods brand both designed and made in Ireland. Since 1989 they have built an international reputation for beautifully designed pieces from the highest quality Italian leather.

I caught up with Conor Holden to put a few questions to him about what it takes to run a successful business in Dingle.

Q) Describe a typical day at the helm of Holden Leathergoods

Conor: In at lunchtime, lunch break, rest then home! (laughs)

But really . . . I head into the office in our workshop which is situated in the Old Schoolhouse by Dingle harbour early before anyone arrives so I can catch up on emails and orders. As we ship internationally, many online orders come in overnight from different times zones and these need to be processed by our team, so I like to have a good overview of what’s happening, and what’s selling globally.

 I also personally manage the workshop team of highly trained artisans and produce special orders. On certain days, I liaise with our carefully selected tanneries and work with my wife Claire on new designs. Our workshop is also a shop - so often customers pop in and I like to have the opportunity to meet and talk to them personally and get feedback on our designs. Over the years this has led to many friendships with visitors from all over the world. After this… it’s breakfast!

Q) What is your most popular product at the moment and how varied is your customer profile?

Conor: Our Holden backpack which we launched earlier this season has become iconic and the ‘must have’ backpack’ for both men and women. It has been our best seller all Summer and looks set to remain our number one product going into the winter season. It’s success is its beauty, functionality and durability. Once purchased, it will last a lifetime and actually look better with age. It is then followed at the moment by wallets for men and belts for everyone. Our Siobhan Tote, which is part of our classical collection, also remains a strong favourite.

Our customers are all ages, from all walks of life - and from all over the world! They appreciate quality and know they are investing in a bag or accessory that is ethically created right here in our Dingle workshop using only the finest leathers and materials. They know that a Holden is for life, and our designs are timeless, so cannot be dated to a particular trend or fashion fad.

Q) What are the advantages/challenges of running a business in Dingle?

Conor: Dingle’s magic is its remoteness and magnificent scenery however this means that it is also very seasonal and we have had to develop our business online so that it is viable all year around. We continue to invest in promoting our brand values and also to attract visitors to our workshop - as it is truly a unique experience.


The Kilkenny Design Centre has recently claimed to be "obsessed" with the Holden backpack in particular. Actress Victoria Smurfit is a big fan too and describes the Holden pieces as “modern classics”. Having visited both the workshop in the Old Schoolhouse just outside Dingle and the retail shop in Dingle town I have to agree that the Holden Leathergoods experience is fabulous. Just being in such close proximity to all those immaculately crafted bags gives your spirits a lift. The quality is all around, even the leather-scented air appeals to the senses and tempts you to invest!

So if it's a stunning gift for someone special you're after or maybe an indulgent treat for yourself because you're worth it, look no further than Holden Leathergoods. An investment in style and sophistication, your unique piece will invoke admiration from your peers and serve as an everyday reminder of Dingle's unique creativity that will stand the test of time.

Holden ship worldwide and the collection can be viewed and purchased on

Follow Holden on Social Media for updates and exclusive previews on:

Facebook: Holden Leathergoods

Twitter: Holden Leathergoods

Instagram: Holdenleathergoods

Hashtag : #loveholden

Dingle Food Festival

The countdown is on to the annual Dingle Food Festival and there the excitement is building throughout the town.



Taking place from Friday, 29th September to Sunday, 1st October Dingle comes alive with locals and tourists alike who come out to experience the wide-ranging culinary delights the festival provides. Many locals consider it “the best weekend of the year” as they relish the opportunity to treat themselves and unwind a little after the busy Summer season.

It’s an affordable way for people to be a little adventurous and have fun sampling many new and exciting tastes and flavours. The festival continues to go from strength to strength each year all thanks to a dedicated group of local people who make it all happen on a non profit making basis. It certainly has become one of the liveliest and fun-filled weekends of the year for both adults and children!

Highlights of the festival include cookery demonstrations in St. James’ Church, over 50 market stalls, workshops, street entertainment, children’s events, wine tasting and much more.

The most popular feature of the festival is “The Taste Trail” which provides a unique experience to taste the best food and drink the Peninsula has to offer in over 70 venues around the town. What better way to visit the many pubs, restaurants and galleries in town? Books of taste trail tickets can be purchased at several locations in Dingle at a very reasonable price.

Also incorporated into the festival is Blas na hEireann, the Irish Food Awards. The 2017 overall winners will be announced during the festival. An exciting line up of events for finalists from the whole of Ireland is planned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the awards.

Dingle has been cited as “the most beautiful place on earth” by the National Geographic – the food festival is the perfect opportunity to visitors to come and experience the food, fun and beauty of the Dingle Peninsula.

Stay YNA Dingle are offering ups to €100 off 2 nights or more and €150 off 5 nights or more in October & November 2017 for selected homes!

For more information please contact Lauren on [email protected] or call 0203 397 7903 (UK).

Ballydavid Sands




Cornerstone Cottage


Dingle’s Eask Tower

A small tower with big views.

Before I moved to Dingle I spent several years driving up and down from Kildare almost every weekend. At 5pm most Fridays I would race out the office door and disappear down the M50 taking my place in the general exodus heading south for the weekend. The drive down to Dingle never bothered me too much. Even with the heavy traffic and the long journey late into the evening I was always excited and happy to be on the road to my favourite part of the world. There's something about the Dingle peninsula - there's an allurement that goes beyond the stunning scenery, the warmth of the people or the music or the craic - there's a magnetism to the place that does something to your soul! I craved it back then and I'm still hooked today having lived here for the last 3 years.

Nearing the end of those journeys I used to always look forward to catching my first glimpse of Eask Tower. When the distinctly rounded shape of the tower would appear on Carhoo Hill it meant that I had just 8 minutes more driving until I finally reached my destination. The sighting of the tower would lift my spirits and my transition into Dingle mode for the weekend would be complete. Quite often the thought would occur to me that in the same way the sight of Eask Tower must have symbolised the ending of journeys for many seafarers since its construction over 150 years ago.

Built in 1847 as a famine relief project, the 12 metre tower is built of solid stone nearly 5 metres thick. The tower used to have a large wooden arrow pointing towards the mouth of Dingle harbour until it suffered storm damage in 2014. Eask Tower was built to guide ships safely towards the mouth of the Harbour. Having followed the direction of the arrow, vessels then had to navigate their way directly between two smaller white towers on either side of the entrance to the harbour in order to remain in the deepest part of the channel all the way in through the harbour. The ruins of these two towers can still be seen at either side of the mouth of the bay. Beside the tower there still stands a fully intact World War II Lookout Post. These posts were manned 24 hours a day by soldiers to protect Ireland’s neutrality during the war.

Eask Tower offers panoramic views out to the Iveragh peninsula, the Blasket Islands, across to Dingle town itself and to the mountains beyond. It is a magical location from which to watch the sun set over the Atlantic at any time of the year. It is an easy 10 minute drive from Dingle and can be reached on foot from the parking area on the road. The pleasant walk takes around 30 minutes and leads you through lush green pastures as you follow the path up to the tower. A €2 donation can be paid to the landowner. Don’t forget to close all gates as you go as there are usually sheep grazing in the area.

boys-n-tower    jez-eask-tower

A peaceful place, steeped in history -  and if you can see Eask Tower on the horizon you know you’re not far from a warm welcome, a cosy pint and the wild openness of the Dingle Peninsula.

Yasmin Kenny


All that Jazz!

The Nice Jazz Festival

The third week of July is bringing 50,000 music lovers to nice...

Why? It's the French Rivera's unmissable event of the year... The Nice Jazz festival!
Place Massena and Theatre de Verdure will host big names such as; Mary J Blige, Herbie Hancock, Myles Sank and Kadhja Bonet, we cant wait!
This international gathering is set to be bigger and better than ever!
4 days, 32 artists, the glorious French Rivera's sun, drinks, tasty food, awesome music and a fab atmosphere, what more could you want? Oh yea... STAY YNA! 
Book your accommodation HERE!

Starting on the 17th of July until the 21st of July, tickets range from €29 to €130 and everyone is welcome!

You can find more information about tickets and the line up HERE



STAY YNA's Director's enjoying themselves at Nice Jazz festival in 2010! 


Simon and Amanda got all dressed up in a 70's theme as Earth, Wind and Fire was in the line up!