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Dingle Cottage Holiday Rentals

Why decide on Dingle cottage holiday rentals?

Dingle is a wonderful part of County Kerry in Ireland. The history, culture, and character of the town make it easy to see why it’s a holiday destination for so many.

When using our Dingle cottage holiday rentals, you can wake up to hear the crashing waves outside your window, or sleep easy after a day of exploring quaint streets. Enjoy an Irish pint with friends at one of Dingle’s many pubs, and maybe participate in a pub quiz or two. Alternatively, take a family trip and taste some of the town’s traditional foodie offerings. You might even fancy trekking across one of the ancient pilgrim paths and feeling the refreshing winds and wildflowers at your feet.

There’s so much to do in Dingle, and our Dingle cottage holiday rentals can make your trip even better. The cottages that Stay YNA offer means that you can truly take time to sit back and relax when you’re not out in the town. Even if you’ve never stayed in a cottage rental before, our Dingle cottage holiday rentals offer the perfect opportunity.

What type of Dingle cottage holiday rentals are you looking for?

When you hear the word “cottage” you might conjure up the image of an outdated and cramped space that can’t keep you warm in the winter months. However, if this is the case, we guarantee that our Dingle cottage holiday rentals will far exceed your expectations. We only accept the best Dingle accommodation, so you can have a great experience in your cottage rental.

There are so many different styles of cottages, and we understand that everyone will be looking for something different.

To this end, we have Dingle holiday rentals that are:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Elegant
  • Eclectic
  • Exclusive

The properties on our website now come with indications of which category they fall into, making it easier for you to browse. You can give more attention to the places you’re interested in and skip through the ones that don’t take your fancy. If you know that a modern and spacious cottage is what you’re looking for, our Oyster Cottage is a classy option that may suit your tastes. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something with a bit more traditional charm, we have options like our Stradbally Cottage, which overlooks the bay.

Examples of our Dingle cottage holiday rentals

To highlight the range of Dingle cottage holiday rentals we have, we’ve noted some of our current favourites below. Remember, these are just a few of our Dingle cottage holiday rentals, so don’t forget to browse our website to see more!

Ballywiheen Cottage: Traditional

With a neutral colour scheme and cosy feel, this cottage will suit you if you’re looking for a place with rustic charm. This cottage is spacious and open-plan, with sunlight free to flood in from the property’s large windows. It definitely has the feel of a traditional cottage, and we are sure that it won’t take you long to settle in and feel at home. The house is nestled into an area that is sheltered by woodland trees, making it even more endearing.

Hilltop: Eclectic

If you’re searching for Dingle cottage holiday rentals that are surrounded by nature, this Hilltop cottage could be for you. With a refreshingly modern design with fun pops of colour throughout, the rental is tastefully decorated. It’s placed against a backdrop of Irish rolling hills, and so a great find for those looking for a quieter escape. This three bedroom cottage is also pet friendly, so you don’t have to worry about saying goodbye to your favourite furry friend while you’re enjoying your stay in Dingle. An outdoor table and bench makes it the ideal environment to opt for alfresco dining, and kids (or adults!) can enjoy the hanging garden seat in the front garden.

Lullaby Cottage: Modern

One of the newer options to Stay YNA, this modern cottage is fitting for those hoping to enjoy some wonderful sea views. From the cottage, you can view across the Ventry harbour. The space is complete with modern fittings and beautiful stone work that adds character to the place, whilst still maintaining a modern aesthetic. With 4 beds and 5 bathrooms you can be sure that there won’t be any fighting over who gets to use the bathroom first. This cottage is also a great option for families or those in larger groups, as it sleeps up to 8 people.

Contact Stay YNA for Dingle cottage holiday rentals

Our Dingle cottage holiday rentals are suited for those coming from near or far. With the wide variety of cottages we have available, there’s no reason to not use Stay YNA for your next stay in Dingle. We encourage you to consider the town as your next holiday destination and to use one of Stay YNA’s Dingle cottage holiday rentals.

However, if you’re looking for another type of holiday rental accommodation, Stay YNA is not just limited to cottages. We also provide houses and apartments for you to enjoy over your holiday. At Stay YNA, we are experts at what we do, so we can truly offer you a great holiday experience in all of our rentals.

Contact us today to find out more. We know that we can find the perfect Dingle cottage holiday rentals for you.