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Why drag around a tourist guide book when you can hang out with your new best buddy the STAY YNA app!

Download the Stay YNA APP to your android or iPhone and get the best local guides, Blog Updates and reviews. It’s available to download for FREE in your app store and don’t worry if you haven’t booked with us, because it’s available to everyone and the best news is, you can book on line with the new app too.

So if you’re staying with us in France, Ireland, Spain or one of our new destinations then you can find the best restaurants, bars and things to do recommended by people that actually live there and guests that have stayed with us and you can find every recommendation on google maps! So you won’t waste time eating a bad steak tartare, drinking a less than perfect pint of Guinness or miss out on the best tapas on the island because you left your guide book at home!

Plus, you can get involved too! You can review our reviews or post your own new discoveries. So join team STAY YNA and share the good stuff. There are exclusive discounts off your next stay and prizes to be won too!

So live like a local and hang out with you new bessie mate – the STAY YNA app!




If it's your first time booking with STAY YNA then we'd like to give a EURO 20 discount on all homes to say welcome!

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1 and 2 bedroom apartments available for your winter stay...

Email [email protected] or call 0203 397 7903 for information and discounts.

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Email [email protected] or call 0203 397 7903 for information and available homes

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