Dingle Cottage Holiday Rentals

Why decide on Dingle cottage holiday rentals?

Dingle is a wonderful part of County Kerry in Ireland. The history, culture, and character of the town make it easy to see why it’s a holiday destination for so many.

When using our Dingle cottage holiday rentals, you can wake up to hear the crashing waves outside your window, or sleep easy after a day of exploring quaint streets. Enjoy an Irish pint with friends at one of Dingle’s many pubs, and maybe participate in a pub quiz or two. Alternatively, take a family trip and taste some of the town’s traditional foodie offerings. You might even fancy trekking across one of the ancient pilgrim paths and feeling the refreshing winds and wildflowers at your feet.

There’s so much to do in Dingle, and our Dingle cottage holiday rentals can make your trip even better. The cottages that Stay YNA offer means that you can truly take time to sit back and relax when you’re not out in the town. Even if you’ve never stayed in a cottage rental before, our Dingle cottage holiday rentals offer the perfect opportunity.

What type of Dingle cottage holiday rentals are you looking for?

When you hear the word “cottage” you might conjure up the image of an outdated and cramped space that can’t keep you warm in the winter months. However, if this is the case, we guarantee that our Dingle cottage holiday rentals will far exceed your expectations. We only accept the best Dingle accommodation, so you can have a great experience in your cottage rental.

There are so many different styles of cottages, and we understand that everyone will be looking for something different.

To this end, we have Dingle holiday rentals that are:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Elegant
  • Eclectic
  • Exclusive

The properties on our website now come with indications of which category they fall into, making it easier for you to browse. You can give more attention to the places you’re interested in and skip through the ones that don’t take your fancy. If you know that a modern and spacious cottage is what you’re looking for, our Oyster Cottage is a classy option that may suit your tastes. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something with a bit more traditional charm, we have options like our Stradbally Cottage, which overlooks the bay.

Examples of our Dingle cottage holiday rentals

To highlight the range of Dingle cottage holiday rentals we have, we’ve noted some of our current favourites below. Remember, these are just a few of our Dingle cottage holiday rentals, so don’t forget to browse our website to see more!

Ballywiheen Cottage: Traditional

With a neutral colour scheme and cosy feel, this cottage will suit you if you’re looking for a place with rustic charm. This cottage is spacious and open-plan, with sunlight free to flood in from the property’s large windows. It definitely has the feel of a traditional cottage, and we are sure that it won’t take you long to settle in and feel at home. The house is nestled into an area that is sheltered by woodland trees, making it even more endearing.

Hilltop: Eclectic

If you’re searching for Dingle cottage holiday rentals that are surrounded by nature, this Hilltop cottage could be for you. With a refreshingly modern design with fun pops of colour throughout, the rental is tastefully decorated. It’s placed against a backdrop of Irish rolling hills, and so a great find for those looking for a quieter escape. This three bedroom cottage is also pet friendly, so you don’t have to worry about saying goodbye to your favourite furry friend while you’re enjoying your stay in Dingle. An outdoor table and bench makes it the ideal environment to opt for alfresco dining, and kids (or adults!) can enjoy the hanging garden seat in the front garden.

Lullaby Cottage: Modern

One of the newer options to Stay YNA, this modern cottage is fitting for those hoping to enjoy some wonderful sea views. From the cottage, you can view across the Ventry harbour. The space is complete with modern fittings and beautiful stone work that adds character to the place, whilst still maintaining a modern aesthetic. With 4 beds and 5 bathrooms you can be sure that there won’t be any fighting over who gets to use the bathroom first. This cottage is also a great option for families or those in larger groups, as it sleeps up to 8 people.

Contact Stay YNA for Dingle cottage holiday rentals

Our Dingle cottage holiday rentals are suited for those coming from near or far. With the wide variety of cottages we have available, there’s no reason to not use Stay YNA for your next stay in Dingle. We encourage you to consider the town as your next holiday destination and to use one of Stay YNA’s Dingle cottage holiday rentals.

However, if you’re looking for another type of holiday rental accommodation, Stay YNA is not just limited to cottages. We also provide houses and apartments for you to enjoy over your holiday. At Stay YNA, we are experts at what we do, so we can truly offer you a great holiday experience in all of our rentals.

Contact us today to find out more. We know that we can find the perfect Dingle cottage holiday rentals for you.

Looking for Holiday Lettings? Choose Stay YNA!

Holiday letting is the act of renting a property to a person (or people) to stay in during their holiday. Holiday lettings can be used for both domestic and international stays, but have become particularly popular in European countries. These typically come fully furnished with self-catering areas, and allow those renting to experience life a little more like a local. They are suitable for short stays and sometimes longer ones too, and are often recognised for the flexibility and space they provide, in comparison to other accommodation options. As a popular alternative to a hotel, and much more exclusive than a hostel, you’re likely to find that there are numerous holiday lettings in and around your next holiday destination.

How do holiday lettings work?

Companies that offer holiday lettings often showcase properties online like Stay YNA Privately renting through a holiday letting company is a common practice, and can ensure you get the best experience when choosing your accommodation.

Holiday lettings generally work by an individual discovering a letting in the area of their next holiday. This may be done by browsing the website of a holiday lettings agency, to see what they have to offer. After determining whether the property is available for their desired dates (usually the whole duration of their holiday), suitable for their needs (and others who may be staying with them), and meets their preferences and budget, they will then decide whether to book. Depending on the company, this can either be done by phone or online.

The availability of a holiday letting will depend on when you want to stay and how long you want to stay for. The cost of holiday lettings will depend on the location of the property and its specifications.

Why use holiday lettings?

The number of people using holiday lettings has grown over the past few years. Some people choose to use them as they find it more cost-effective and better value for money. Others prefer the privacy and personal space that these lettings have. The added benefit of having a self-catering area means that you can eat and explore the local restaurants and cafes to your heart’s content. Alternatively, you can make the meal that you’ve been craving all day when you back in from a long day of local adventuring.

What does a holiday lettings company do?

Every holiday lettings company will work differently, but at Stay YNA we work to support you through every step of the holiday lettings process. If you haven’t used them before, they will be especially useful to you. Furthermore, if you’re looking into holiday lettings abroad, the company will be able to communicate better where there might be a language barrier that hinders communication.

Firstly, a holiday lettings company should be able to show you options for the type of letting you’d like to stay in. If you know where you’ll be spending your holiday, the company should be able to see if they can provide any accommodation to suit you in that area. They can tell you about other people who have stayed there, their thoughts on it, and even find you great deals on other lettings if you’re struggling to decide.

You should feel confident that your chosen company will facilitate things for you. A holiday lettings company should be able to sort out any problems you might come across, whether leading up to your stay or during it. They will be able to work between you and the individual offering the holiday letting, to get you the best result. Additionally, if you have a review or a complaint to make after staying in your holiday letting, the company should be able to deal with this. Of course, problems and complaints aren’t ideal, but a good company will know how to deal with them.

Why choose holiday lettings with Stay YNA?

By using Stay YNA, you can be sure that you’ll get a holiday letting that is truly to your tastes. Our website displays a number of images of the lettings we offer, so you can have a clear idea about the place you’re agreeing to stay in. Whether a big holiday home or small apartment, Stay YNA can offer you a great selection of accommodation choices for your next holiday. We also make it easy to search through our property lettings, and you can filter by dates, locations, and number of bedrooms.

We have vetted all of our accommodation, so you don’t have to worry about being disappointed by your holiday lettings with us. Our evaluations and assessments and strict criteria for property selection allow us to gain full insight into what the property will be like for you.

Stay YNA’s specialism is finding holiday lettings for our customers in either France, Spain, or Ireland, and we’d be thrilled to help you too. Whether you’re from Europe, or from further afield, we are experts in making life easier for you. There’s no need to take a risk with a less reputable company, so choose Stay YNA for your future holiday lettings. You can read even more about why we are a trusted holiday lettings company here.

What else should I know?

Stay YNA should be your choice when it comes to holiday lettings. There’s no need to shell out money for stays at expensive hotels, when you can have your own luxurious stay in one of the holiday lettings offered by us.

If you’d like us to get started on finding you your dream holiday letting in France, Spain, or Ireland, give us a call today on +44 (0)203 397 7903. We’d be happy to hear from you.

Why We Love Bonaparte…

We offer a range of holiday rental in Nice, and here we discuss the beautiful Bonaparte area of Nice. The area around the Place du Pin/rue Bonaparte, referred to also as the ‘Petit Marais Niçois’, has become the trendy area of Nice with its collection of stylish bars, restaurants and boutiques nestled in amongst the local boulangeries and corner shops. Bonaparte is the centre of what Nice has to offer, with the Old Town only a few minutes walk away and also a cross over to Place Garibaldi. The port is also walking distance to have beautiful evening walks watching the sun go down. Beautiful!


If you are looking at holiday rental in Nice, a beautiful place to visit is the Bonaparte area of Nice. Here the locals, young and old, rub shoulders with visitors and there truly is a sense of neighbourhood and camaraderie as you buy your morning baguette, sit in a café to contemplate life or take a stroll around the port. There are no end of eating establishments to try: from the local speciality socca at Chez Pipo, to the fine dining of Jan and the heavenly patisseries from Deli Bo. The tram in Place Garibaldi will take you conveniently into the centre of town and up to the railway station, although the beautiful 15-minute walk down the newly renovated Promenade de Paillon should not be missed.

There is plenty of bars and restaurants around the local area which offer beautiful dishes, amazing ice-cold drinks and cocktails to quench your thirst on the beautiful sunny days.
We have some personal favourites here at STAY YNA, See below;

Le Dandy Restaurant

La Chaise Bleue Gourmande

Great News! We have luxury apartments in Bonaparte area available for your visit to Nice!

BOOK ONLINE at https://www.stayyna.com/

Olympia – A Slice of Heaven! 2 Bed apartment, From €85 per night

01. 1st Floor Bedroom 2

10. Living Area 5

La Fleur – Location, Location, Location! 1 Bed, From €70 per night

4. lounge

10. bedroom 1

Dahlia – Balcony for soaking up the sun! 2 Bed, From €111 per night

17. Balcony 2

19. Living Area 3

For a personalised quote, please enquire below; [email protected] – 0203 397 7903 (UK)

What to Look for in Vacation Apartment Rentals

A Trusted Company for Vacation Apartment Rentals

The first step in finding good vacation apartment rentals is using a good and trusted company. Research companies that you’re considering using and try to find out suggestions by asking family and friends. Be sure to research rental companies that you’ve used before as well as ones that you haven’t. Although you may have loved using a certain company previously, there’s nothing to say that their quality and service hasn’t slipped since. However, the longevity of a company that deals with vacation apartment rentals is always a positive sign.

Stay YNA has years of experience in arranging vacation apartment rentals, and we have been trusted by many to find them their perfect rental stay. We operate in 3 different countries so that wherever your holiday may be, you can consider using Stay YNA. We continue to ensure that our vacation apartment rentals are suitable for all who may want to stay in them, and offer a broad range of accommodation options to suit a variety of needs.

Cost of Vacation Apartment Rentals

For a vacation apartment rental, you probably already have an idea about how much money you are willing to spend. You may not want to use your budget on an apartment you’re not planning to spend much time in. Alternatively, if you don’t plan on spending much time out and about, spending a little more on your apartment rental may be a wise idea. You should consider your budget as a whole for your vacation, and then decide how much of that money you would like to go towards accommodation. It is also a good idea to have a wide browse of vacation apartment rentals, as this will give you an idea about the climate of the vacation  rental market. You want to be sure that you’re getting a fair deal, so looking into estimated costs of vacation apartment rentals is always sensible.

Reviews of Vacation Apartment Rentals

Reviews can make the difference between the success or demise of some vacation apartment rentals. A good review is definitely a good sign, and the more reviews there are, the better the picture you can build of your prospective vacation apartment. Reviews help to show that the information and specifications written about a vacation apartment are true.

Recommendations by friends, family, or even colleagues can also be helpful when deciding between vacation apartment rentals. First-hand experiences and testimonials may let you know things about an apartment that you wouldn’t have known otherwise.

With Stay YNA you can read reviews of people who have stayed in our apartments, written in their own words. You can also have faith in Stay YNA about the quality of our vacation apartment rentals, as we have our apartments vetted by our team. This means that if any issues arise during our stay we can fix them, so everything is perfect for when you come to visit.

Pictures of Vacation Apartment Rentals

Images support the information that is written about vacation apartment rentals. Maybe you’ve read amazing things about some vacation apartment rentals but the pictures don’t support this. Maybe you’ve encountered the more worrying issue of there being no photos of the vacation apartment at all.

With Stay YNA we want to help you get a true feel for what our vacation apartment rentals are like, and that is why we provide multiple photos for all of our rentals. In tandem with seeking reviews for vacation apartment rentals, photos help to verify what has been written by the rental company and those who have stayed there. Clear, up-to-date photos of vacation apartment rentals are a good indicator of the place you’re considering staying in. On the other hand, low-quality pictures that do not show much of the apartment (or you sense may not be reflective of it) should be considered a red flag.

Areas of Vacation Apartment Rentals

There are so many beautiful destinations to travel to, both locally and abroad. Stay YNA know this and consequently have vacation apartment rentals in Ireland, Spain, and France. As vacation apartment rentals can vary so much from place to place, we’d advise deciding on the place you’d like to travel to and then looking at specific vacation apartment rentals in that area.

You should also bear in mind that there are numerous neighbourhoods in any town or city you’re planning to visit. Researching further into specific areas can certainly be helpful, as it can make the difference between vacation apartment rentals you’re happy to stay in and ones you’d rather avoid. Although some vacation apartment rentals may look nice from their pictures, looking into the neighbourhood can help ensure you’re 100% sure of your decision to stay there. Luckily, Stay YNA allows you to search not only certain cities and towns for vacation apartment rentals, but also specify particular neighbourhoods you may want to stay in.

Stay YNA for Vacation Apartment Rentals

To work with a trusted vacation apartment rental company, contact Stay YNA today. Our knowledgeable team are experts in dealing with vacation apartment rentals, and we’d love to help you too. With our apartment rentals ranging from Dingle in Ireland, Ibiza in Spain, and Nice in France, we are sure that we can find you the perfect vacation apartment rental in the right place for you.

Stay YNA’s Luxury Apartments in Nice

Why consider luxury apartments in Nice?

Nice is a wonderful area of France and Stay YNA wants to help you make the most of it. For your most enjoyable stay, we recommend staying in one of our luxury apartments in Nice. Perhaps you’ve never visited Nice, or maybe you’ve never even stepped foot in France. Whether this is your first time or your fiftieth time visiting Nice, we know that your holiday stay should be remembered for all the right reasons. Having the perfect place to eat and sleep makes for a much better holiday, and after a day of exploring the city, coming back to a luxury apartment in Nice can be the end of a blissful day.

If you’re used to staying in expensive, over-priced hotels, or cheap and unfriendly hostels, we can assure you that our Nice luxury apartments offer a superior experience. Whatever your experience with staying away on holiday, we think that you should have the most luxurious time abroad. With Stay YNA you can have the best break in Nice while staying in a luxury apartment that stands out from the crowd.

What are Stay YNA’S luxury apartments in Nice like?

All of Stay YNA’s luxury apartments in Nice are unique. Each apartment will allow you to experience something different in Nice, and we can assure you that your stay will be one you’ll want to remember. Like all of our accommodation options, our luxury apartments in Nice have been vetted by members of our team to ensure that they meet our high standards. This makes us confident in knowing that our luxury apartments will be suitable for all our future guests.

For the most luxurious stay, Stay YNA have luxury apartments that are situated in the best of Nice’s neighbourhoods. This can range from our stylish city centre apartments, such as Brunelle, or our spacious and historic apartments, such as Celine. Whatever you’re looking for, we have luxury apartments that can help you stay in comfort.

What do Stay YNA’s luxury apartments in Nice offer?

We all have different ideas about what luxury means to us, so here at Stay YNA we are happy to provide luxury apartments in Nice that suit various interior design tastes and style preferences. These range from large modern apartments, to cosy and more quaint ones. All of our apartments make for a luxurious stay. The specifications of our Nice luxury apartments are wide ranging, but they all meet our strict requirements to ensure that you get the very best from your Stay YNA stay. This means that we can offer you luxury apartments in Nice with amenities including spacious living areas, beautiful balcony views, or even a swimming pool. If private parking is important to you, we have suitable accommodation options, and if you want to prioritise waking up to stunning scenic views, we have luxury apartments in Nice for that, too.

Stay YNA also offers modern furnishings and stylish appliances in our luxury apartments in Nice. A number of our apartments come with high end fittings and features so that you can truly relax during your stay. Our Nice apartments are also fully equipped to make you feel at home. So from coffee makers to game consoles, our luxury apartments in Nice have been designed with you in mind. All of our luxury apartments in Nice are high quality and offer charm and elegance, space and style. We encourage you to learn more about our luxury apartments in Nice and browse photos of them here.

What about the cost of luxury apartments in Nice?

We offer affordable options for all our accommodations, including our luxury apartments in Nice. Although you may think that a luxury apartment in Nice is going to be out of your budget, you can see that we have a variety of apartments in Nice, so you can find the right one to suit you. With Stay YNA’s competitive prices, our luxury apartments are a luxury you will be able to afford. If you have a limited budget we can help you find a luxury apartment in Nice that works with your finances. Similarly, if you’d like to spend more money on one of our luxury apartments in Nice, we have options that you may prefer. At Stay YNA we believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to enjoy a holiday break away. That’s why we always want to offer you great value for money, whatever your budget may be. With Stay YNA’s affordable luxury apartments in Nice, there’s no excuse to not treat yourself during your next holiday.

How can I book one of Stay YNA’s luxury apartments in Nice?

If you would like to stay at one of Stay YNA’s luxury apartments in Nice, the process couldn’t be easier. If you haven’t already, take a look at the variety of our Nice apartments to see what kind of luxury apartment you would like to stay in. Remember that you can make life even easier for yourself by filtering certain requirements when searching (such as number of bedrooms and neighbourhoods in Nice). After browsing through your options, you’ll have a better idea about which of our apartments you’d prefer. A number of our apartments in Nice are particularly popular, so if you’re seeking to stay in a one of our luxury apartments in Nice we’d encourage you to get in touch today.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. A friendly member of the Stay YNA team will be happy to help you.

Why Stay YNA Have the Best Vacation Houses and Apartments in Dingle

Vacation houses and apartments in Dingle

There are many beautiful places to explore in Ireland, and although you may have heard of some of them, you might not have considered the Dingle Peninsula. Dingle has a lot to offer for anyone looking for a break away from a bustling city, or simply someone wanting to explore somewhere new. One of the most important things when planning a vacation is deciding where you’ll stay, and here at Stay YNA we have some of the best vacation houses and apartments in Dingle for your break away.

Affordable Vacation Apartments in Dingle

From just €75 a night, we have vacation apartments in Dingle that offer you the best of style, comfort, and affordability. Stay YNA has numerous apartments, houses and homes that are perfect for friends, families, or even romantic trips away, and we’re pleased to offer them at a fair cost to you.

Planning a holiday in Dingle

Maybe you’re planning to just spend just a few nights in Dingle, or maybe you’re planning to use a longer stretch of time to more thoroughly explore the area. No matter how long you’re planning to stay, we have all the possible options for you to choose from. The variety of accommodation options we offer means that you can enjoy your break in Dingle without breaking the bank. Even if you’ve never used Stay YNA before and are used to staying in hotels for your holidays, we have vacation apartments, houses and cottages that are excellent value for money, and provide a completely different experience to any hotel. Stay YNA apartments, houses and cottages are a cost-effective option, so why not make one of our holiday homes your holiday haven?

Great Locations of Vacation Apartments and Houses in Dingle

What to do in Dingle

Not only is Dingle itself a great location, but we also have vacation apartments and houses situated within some wonderful parts of Dingle. There’s so much to see in the Dingle Peninsula that we know you won’t struggle to find things to do. From the tours and attractions, to the local restaurants, cafes, and Irish pubs. You can visit the National monument, the Gallaunmore, or simply wander down the Main Street to explore some of Dingle’s independent businesses. The small port town lends itself to weekday wanderings as well as lazy long weekends. Whether you’re from Ireland, or travelling here from further afield, Stay YNA have some of the best vacation apartments, houses and cottages in Dingle for you to enjoy. The community feel of the town is unlike any other, and we believe that your stay in Dingle will be one to remember.

Neighbourhoods in Dingle

Whether you’re looking for a vacation apartment, house or home where you can enjoy a peaceful rural escape, or you want to be further in at the heart of Dingle, we have some great options for you to consider. If you already have a good idea about where you want to stay in Dingle, you can filter our properties by searching by neighbourhood. You can even see exactly where our holiday homes are situated in by clicking on the map option when searching through our Dingle holiday homes.

The Ocean and Countryside in Dingle

Many of Stay YNA’s vacation apartments and houses in Dingle offer stunning views of the countryside or ocean. If you want to look at the rolling green hills and valleys, we have vacation options that provide that. But if you prefer being closer to the beach, we have vacation options that account for that, too. Whether you want to be in a more secluded area for a romantic escape, or you think being closer in the town is best for your family trip, our Dingle apartments and houses offer you just the variety you need. Dingle Peninsula has lots of space for both children and adults to enjoy the great Irish outdoors, and the majority of our houses also have access to gardens. Wherever you are in Dingle, the town provides an idyllic landscape with scenic views.

Unique Vacation Apartments and Houses in Dingle

Whatever your tastes may be, our Dingle vacation apartments and houses have so much choice that we know we can find the right place for you. Each of our vacation options are unique from each other, so you can have a different experience by using Stay YNA, each time you choose to visit Dingle.

Stay YNA provide apartments, houses or cottages with multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and other requirements or preferences you might have. Even if you’re looking for a vacation option with a hot tub, or a house with a large garden, Stay YNA can help. If you’d like to stay in a cosy cottage, or are looking for a more modern apartment for your getaway, we offer that and everything in between. Furthermore, we often have new high-quality, Dingle vacation apartments being added to our list, and so our list of apartments are always worth a look.

Trust Stay YNA

Here at Stay YNA we like to be as transparent as possible. That’s why all of our vacation apartments, houses and cottages in Dingle come with up-to-date photos which are reflective of each property. We also encourage our customers who have previously stayed in one of our properties to leave an honest review. That way we can see what our customers really like, and more importantly, we can give you a better idea about the place you’re planning to stay. At Stay YNA we care about making things as easy as possible for you.

You can browse the details of our vacation properties in Dingle, and if you have any questions we’re always happy to help. Just get in touch today.

Looking for Holiday Rentals in Nice, France? Choose to Stay YNA

Whether you’ve been to Nice before, or you’re planning your first getaway to the scenic city, Stay YNA are here to help you have the best time in your holiday rentals in Nice, France.

Why Should You Visit Nice, France?

Weather in Nice

Of course, we all want good weather when spending time abroad. Luckily, Nice is located in the south of France, in the French Riviera. Much of the year sees the city bathed in sunlight, and the warmer climate means that you’re able to truly make the most of the city, by easily exploring what Nice has to offer. Being by the Mediterranean Sea also means that Nice has the perfect location to take a dip when you feel like cooling off. If you’re looking for a pleasant climate, Nice is the place for you.

Food in Nice

French cuisine is known as being one of the best cuisines in the world. From freshly baked baguettes, to pastries and macaroons. Maybe you’re even a fan of famed French coffee and wine, too. With an array of delightful dishes, Nice is the perfect place to indulge in French food. There are also some delicious local delicacies that shouldn’t be missed, such as the Nicoise salad and Socca (a pancake made from chickpea flour).

Views in Nice

Nice has stunning views that you can explore by simply strolling its streets, or by taking boat tours to see views from the sea. Walking along the Promenade des Anglais lets you take in the local culture and views, and you may choose to wander around some of the historic sights you pass. If strolling through the city isn’t for you, you can also soak up the sun on Nice’s smooth pebbled shores.

Museums in Nice

Nice boasts a number of art galleries and museums, helping ensure the city is kept as a cultural hub. Stop by Musée Matisse to admire the work of the renowned artist, or enjoy one of the oldest museums in Nice, the Museum of Natural History.

Architecture in Nice

The architecture in Nice largely harkens back to ‘La Belle Epoque’, with intricately detailed buildings and grand architectural design. From the cobblestone streets, the beauty of the architecture is easily apparent. Maybe you’ll even appreciate more of the architecture by staying in one of our Nice holiday rentals!

Why Should You Choose a Holiday Rental in Nice?

Flexibility of Holiday Rentals

Holiday rental homes provide a home away from home. They can also provide more flexibility than hotels. By choosing a holiday rental in France, you no longer have to worry about rushing down to grab the last of the hotel breakfast, when all you really want is a lie-in. Whether you want to cook up familiar foods, or whether you’d like to experiment in the kitchen after buying fresh produce in a French market, holiday rentals give you the options to do so.

Comfort of Holiday Rentals

If you’re planning on visiting France for a family holiday, a holiday rental may be ideal. Hotels can often feel cramped, with only the bedroom and limited shared communal space for children to explore. With our Nice holiday rentals, children can not only have their own room, but the whole family can enjoy the living area. Additionally, if you’re planning to bring your pet abroad, some holiday rentals consider this, and are pet friendly.

Cost of  Holiday Rentals in Nice

Our French holiday rentals offer you great value for money. Your holiday rental through Stay YNA is likely to offer more space but at a lower cost, when compared to a hotel. We also have holiday rentals to suit all sorts of budgets, so you can have the choice of not only the type of rental you stay in, but also what type of property is most affordable for you.

Cultural Experience of Holiday Rentals

Staying in a holiday rental in Nice offers a more authentic French experience. You are able to see what some of the accommodation of people who live in Nice is like, and are more immersed in the culture. Choose to have a more local experience, and stay in a holiday rental that feels a lot less commercial than a standard hotel.

Why Should You Stay with Stay YNA?

Choice of Nice Holiday Rentals

We offer a range of exceptional Nice holiday rentals, from our larger holiday villas, to our smaller apartments. The unique range of accommodation options means that we will be able to find you the place for your perfect stay. If you’re searching for specific amenities, some of our holiday rentals in France also have swimming pools, jacuzzis, balconies, and private parking.

Location of Nice Holiday Rentals

Maybe you want to be in the heart of the buzzing city, or maybe you’d prefer a more secluded area for a quieter holiday. Through our website we offer the option of searching by specific neighbourhoods in Nice, so that if you have a preference we can help meet it. Whatever kind of location you’re considering, Stay YNA have rentals in various areas of Nice, so there’s bound to be something for you.

Expertise in Nice Holiday Rentals

Stay YNA have years of experience in holidays rentals, and we can guarantee that our services are friendly and professional, helping make your stay in Nice even nicer. Here at Stay YNA, we want you to have the best holiday possible, and we know that our holiday rentals in Nice, France can help you to do so.

If a holiday rental in Nice, France is for you, take a browse at our accommodation choices, and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Return of the Carnival!

The streets of Nice open up again for the extravagant Carnival! And this years theme is set to be Oscar worthy…King of cinema! As always it will be an unmissable event, with 6 parades, 17 floats of of course the traditional flower parade. Throw those 3D glasses away and prepare for a jaw dropping experience!

The incredible 14 day event starts on the 16th of February and finishes on the 2nd of March! Thousands of worldwide visitors are jetting off to the French Rivera to enjoy the celebrations.

As always we anticipate the debut of the iconic floats that steal the show, for last year Nice Carnival we went behind the scenes with the artist creators of these, Chad Crowe and local artist Kristen. They gave us a great insight to how their creative process works, building the tanks and why they love the Nice carnival! You can view our interview here -

King of Carnivals!

We won't know exactly how the floats will look until they leave the workshop but heres a sneak peak sketch of whats to come -

The programme is as follows -

- Saturday, February 16: 14:30, battle of flowers, 9 pm, carnival illuminated corso. 
- Tuesday, February 19: 9 pm, illuminated carnival corso. 
- Wednesday, February 20: 14:30, battle of flowers. 
- Saturday, February 23: 14:30, battle of flowers, 21h, carnival illuminated corso. 
- Sunday, February 24th: 2.30 pm, carnival corso including Parada nissarda. 
- Tuesday, February 26th: 9 pm, illuminated carnival corso. 
- Wednesday, February 27: 14:30, battle of flowers. 
- Saturday, March 2nd: 2.30 pm, flower battle, 9 pm, illuminated carnival corso followed by the incineration of the king.



Booking up fast! Stay YNA’s accommodation for the Nice Carnival 2019! 1 Bedroom apartments –

Le Grand Hotel – Jean-Medecin

01. Balcony 2

A stunning, sunny 5th floor, mezzanine studio flat in the former Grand Hotel; Le Grand Hotel has a magnificent view of the beautiful Promenade de Paillon. With a balcony overlooking the park and a view of the Colline du Chateau.

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Liberty – Massena

19. Balcony 2

A magnificent 58m2 5th floor apartment with an 8m2 terrace from which to peruse the city and the distant Maritime Alps beyond. Far above the hustle and bustle but with the freedom of being right at the heart of the city,

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Eve – The Old Town


Eve has the advantage of being high up in a very traditional Old Town building. This means it has the benefit of a cool breeze passing over the rooftops and into the apartment. It has cool white tiled floors and has a homely feel with French inspired furnishings

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Or take a look at our larger apartments available to book for the Nice Carnival

Villa Boron – Mont Boron

Villa Boron

Villa Boron is a 5 bedroom gem within walking distance of Nice in the exclusive neighbourhood of Mont Boron. With an outdoor jacuzzi, sea views, indoor pool, 4 terraces and modern open plan living it cleverly combines a sociable space with privacy for large groups

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Boutique – Carré D’or

01. Living Area 1

Boutique is brand new and elegantly furnished with contemporary clean-cut designs to complement the architecture of this striking new construction. On the fourth floor of this superbly conceived building for 21st century living

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Monroe – The Old Town

01. Living Area

A beautiful example of a very comfortable, modernised, two-bedroom apartment in one of the quieter areas of the Old Town. With a view down onto this traditional street, lined with small boutiques and restaurants

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What To Look For in a Trusted Holiday Lettings Company

When you go on holiday you want to feel safe where you are staying, especially for those who don’t travel often or don’t like being away from home for long. You need to be able to put all of your trust into the quality of the holiday lettings company service being provided.

The last thing you want to happen is to discover that your holiday let isn’t very nice or your accommodation isn’t quite in the exact location you were promised.

This is why it is very reassuring to learn that when you book with Stay YNA you will know that the holiday lettings we offer have all been personally stayed in by our team members. That’s right! We make it our priority to stay in every single holiday home we let so that we know exactly what experience you will have with your stay. Because we make a point of personally vetting each and every property and staying overnight to get a full picture of what’s on offer, we are able to answer your questions with confidence and our first-hand experience.

Going one step better

When Amanda and Simon Walker founded Your Nice Apartment Ltd. In 2009, they found that there was no shortage of home owners wanting to offer their property for a holiday let, but in truth quite often what was being offered was really not up to their requirements and many properties were not very well maintained.

This wasn’t good enough for Amanda and Simon, so they decided to raise the bar and only accept those properties that could meet their exacting standards of quality and care. Stay YNA go one step better than their competition and pay a close eye to every detail of the holiday lettings to ensure that you enjoy every moment of your well earned holiday.

Honest previews of our holiday lettings

We understand that when you go on holiday you want to have a relaxing and enjoyable time, but you will also want to stay in holiday accommodation that is clean, tidy, well-appointed and comfortable.

You can browse our beautiful selection of holiday lettings and get a preview of the accommodation on offer. Stay YNA want to show you exactly what you will get with your holiday reservation. This is why you will notice that our property photographs are genuine shots of the accommodation. There are no special filters added to our photographs and the shots are not taken using any special camera lenses or use any visual tricks or tweaks to make the accommodation look any better or more impressive than it actually is in real life.

We know from our own personal experience that your holiday excitement can be seriously deflated when on arrival at your accommodation you find it isn’t at all like how it was depicted on the lettings website. Discovering this can affect your enjoyment and lessen the benefits of taking some time away from the stresses and strains of life back home. This is why we only show genuine accommodation shots so you will know exactly what to expect and can look forward to enjoying during your stay.

Stay YNA is a holiday lettings company offering a fantastic range of lettings in four very unique destinations and we pride ourselves to be able to offer our guests the chance to stay in some very stylish homes with a great deal of flexibility. You can get to choose the level of service that perfectly suits your needs, so you can tailor your stay to suit your level of independence.

We can take your bookings directly over the telephone on 0203 397 7903. If you have any enquiries about our holiday lettings, feel free to email us at: [email protected]

Stay YNA Superb Holiday Villas in Nice

Holidaymakers are now becoming more adventurous and ambitious. Many are moving away from being satisfied with a two-week package holiday in a hotel with a pool and a beach close by. More people are looking at their holiday time as a chance to explore and engage with all the cultural aspects of society in a different part of the world.

Today’s travellers are more like experience seekers rather than holidaymakers. They are now looking to engage with the locals and experience their natural wonders, language, local customs, food, drink and culture that is so very different to their life back home.

For millennials especially, their free time has now become a chance for adventure and to have a quality holiday experience. This is why the next generation of holidaymakers are shifting away from generic package deals in isolated hotels towards renting holiday villas in the heart of the community and using their accommodation as a gateway towards absorbing a truly local experience that has become highly prized for this generation.

Holiday villas in Nice

We think that this shift in desire for an immersive holiday experience is one of the reasons why our holiday villas in Nice have become so popular in recent years. Villas can be more suitable and practical holiday accommodation choice for independent travellers, families with young children and for friends seeking a fantastic reunion destination.

Our holiday villas in Nice offer a better level of privacy, freedom and flexibility that you simply cannot get with an overcrowded all-inclusive resort, which can often be impersonal and noisy. Our Nice holiday villas offer you a great mix of peace and relaxation as well as the chance to immerse yourself in the amazing local culture that Nice has to offer!

We passionately embrace travellers who love to Stay Unique, Stay Safely and Stay Smart with Stay YNA. Get in touch with us for more information, or visit our website to check availability in our range of holiday villas in Nice.