Stay YNA Superb Holiday Villas in Nice

Holidaymakers are now becoming more adventurous and ambitious. Many are moving away from being satisfied with a two-week package holiday in a hotel with a pool and a beach close by. More people are looking at their holiday time as a chance to explore and engage with all the cultural aspects of society in a different part of the world.

Today’s travellers are more like experience seekers rather than holidaymakers. They are now looking to engage with the locals and experience their natural wonders, language, local customs, food, drink and culture that is so very different to their life back home.

For millennials especially, their free time has now become a chance for adventure and to have a quality holiday experience. This is why the next generation of holidaymakers are shifting away from generic package deals in isolated hotels towards renting holiday villas in the heart of the community and using their accommodation as a gateway towards absorbing a truly local experience that has become highly prized for this generation.

Holiday villas in Nice

We think that this shift in desire for an immersive holiday experience is one of the reasons why our holiday villas in Nice have become so popular in recent years. Villas can be more suitable and practical holiday accommodation choice for independent travellers, families with young children and for friends seeking a fantastic reunion destination.

Our holiday villas in Nice offer a better level of privacy, freedom and flexibility that you simply cannot get with an overcrowded all-inclusive resort, which can often be impersonal and noisy. Our Nice holiday villas offer you a great mix of peace and relaxation as well as the chance to immerse yourself in the amazing local culture that Nice has to offer!

We passionately embrace travellers who love to Stay Unique, Stay Safely and Stay Smart with Stay YNA. Get in touch with us for more information, or visit our website to check availability in our range of holiday villas in Nice.


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Email [email protected] or call 0203 397 7903 for information and available homes

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