Superb and stylish Holiday Apartments in Nice

For those visiting Nice for the very first time, you will realise what a wonderful area of France it is and what you have been missing out on by not going before!

 There is no doubt that your choice of holiday accommodation is going to make a big impression of your experience in Nice and how you come to remember your stay in this region in the years to come.

 Creating your very best holiday memories

 When you are making holiday memories, you will want to make sure that your stay is as pleasurable as possible so you can remember the trip for the right reasons.

Your memories of your holiday in Nice will not only consist of your experiences while out and about exploring the sights, but will also include how comfortable and at home you felt in your accommodation during your stay.

 Why you should choose holiday apartments in Nice

There are so many reasons to choose to stay in a beautiful Stay YNA holiday apartment in Nice.

 For one thing, all of the holiday apartments in Nice that are registered with Stay YNA are all fully vetted and evaluated before we accept them onto our books. 

 We want only the very best holiday experience for you, so we need to know first-hand what your experience of staying in any of our listed holiday apartments will feel like.

 By doing this we can also learn a lot of useful information about your Nice apartment that can help boost the quality of your stay with us. This includes learning about how the heating, cooker and built-in appliances work, how far the local shops are from your apartment, which bus routes to pick up to get you into town etc.

 Nice apartments to suit your budget

 There can also be a desire for many holidaymakers to choose a luxury hotel in Nice because they think it would add to their comfort and give their holiday a bit more finesse. However, in reality choosing a luxury hotel can be prohibitively expensive, and quite often the experience is not anything like what they were expecting.

 The problem with most hotels is that every room is generic, even with an expensive luxury hotel, so you are not really getting a one-off, bespoke type of holiday experience.

 For a much better price, you could instead choose to stay in a truly unique, one-off, comfortable and very smart holiday apartment in Nice. You will then free up some very useful extra spending money that will enable you to create even more special holiday memories.

 The many advantages of choosing from Stay YNA holiday apartments in Nice: 

1: Better value for money than a hotel: You can allow yourself a wonderful stay in Nice with some extra spending money saved from your accommodation expenditure.

 2: Privacy and freedom: With most hotels, you need to vacate your room so that staff can perform their housekeeping duties. You are also usually tightly constrained to eating breakfast or other meals at certain times. With a holiday apartment, you will be free to come and go as you please and eat what you want, when you want.

 3: Dedicated customer service: When you book a Stay YNA holiday apartment in Nice, you will have access to our dedicated, personal customer service. You can contact us at any time for our help and support and you will always deal with the same person. We can anticipate your needs and not just respond to them because we have been exactly where you are right now.

 4: A peaceful night’s sleep: With a Stay YNA holiday apartment in Nice you will be ensured of getting a restful night’s sleep. We make sure you won’t be sleeping on a rock-hard mattress or by being stuck in a room next to a noisy lift that is being called all night long as is the case with some hotels.

 5: Flexible arrival/departure dates: As Stay YNA charge per night, it doesn’t matter whether you plan to stay for a week, ten nights or anything in between, you can arrive or leave any day of the week. As long as your chosen holiday apartment is free on the dates that you want, we are happy to take your booking and arrange your stay. However, we like to encourage our guests to make the most of their valuable holiday time by offering flexible rates where the longer you plan to stay, the less you will pay per night.

 The superior experience of holiday apartments in Nice

 There is no denying that you will get a much more superior holiday experience when you choose a Stay YNA holiday apartment in Nice. Our holiday accommodation is much better than having to rough it in a cheap and unfriendly budget hotel and offers far more comfort and luxury.

 What makes our range of holiday apartments in Nice is the fact that each one is unique. This means that once you have fallen in love with Nice and plan to return in the future, each time you re-book with us you can choose a completely different apartment to stay in Nice.

 By varying your holiday accommodation in this way you can experience staying in different neighbourhoods in Nice and have access to areas that you never explored before.

 When you are looking for a memorable stay for your next holiday in Nice, do not hesitate to book one of our unique Nice holiday apartments. You can find out more about staying in one of our Luxury Nice apartments, or you can get in touch with us to answer any questions you may have.

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