Portmagee is a small picturesque fishing village on the south west tip of Valentia Harbour. Its infamous single street of rainbow colourful houses is always being photographed. Its starring role as a location in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi has made this UNESCO World Heritage site even more renowned. Book a stay in one of our Luxury holiday cottages, Kerry.

In the 6th and 12th centuries the island was home to a remote monastery but as the centuries went on, this small village became a haven for smugglers and pirates who preyed on the trade ships that landed on the harbour. The village gets its name from one of the most notorious smugglers of the 18th century – Captain Theobald Magge. 

At Portmagee there is a bridge connecting Valentia Island with the mainland. Just across the bridge is the  The Skellig Experience visitors centre. The centre provides people with information on the history and archaeology of the UNESCO World Heritage site -Skellig Michael. The Visitor Centre brings the magic and mystery of these famous rocks to you through graphics, film presentation, models, exhibition items and reconstruction.

During the summer months, the small harbour comes to life with boats full of tourists, embarking on tours to the Skellig Islands – just 8 miles away. Skellig Michael towers 714ft. (218 metres) above sea level.