The fruit and veg market is my favourite.  I have to admit to strolling down one of these at least once a day. It’s all to do with seasons and what’s in season. Wild mushrooms, ceps, girrole, pied de mouton and many more will be at their best in the cooler months such as October and November. Asparagus, whether it is green, purple, or white are the best around early springtime. The market on the Cours Saleya is the most picturesque of all, but Le Liberation is a must for a more local touch. It’s quite amazing how much variety they offer on top end products. At the weekends the small bio producers come into town and sell their wares. These places are a guaranteed source of enjoyment.  Try to buy diverse produce you don’t see at home all the time! For example, Cima de Rapa is a really bitter Swiss chard that is excellent with grilled fish and courgette flowers lightly battered and shallow fried in olive oil.  Cooking is about experimenting, and here you have a lot of scope to try new things with top quality products.  Cours Saleya Market one block back from the Promenade in the Old Town Open daily until around 1pm. Closed Monday for the Antique market.

Liberation market Tuesday through to Sunday from 7 am until 12:30 pm.

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