How do we think bookings are going to look for 2021 and in the future? Well for this one we are going to take you back to school for a history and geography lesson!  

Throughout 2020 the Coronavirus has most commonly been compared to the Spanish flu of 1918, which is why it is being suggested post-Covid 19 our lives will mirror the 1920’s. The Spanish flu saw similar lockdowns and social distancing measures , so it’s not surprising when the pandemic subsides you’ve got a potential party atmosphere on your hands. Throw in the influence of a post World War I economic boom and quite literally BOOM! you’ve got the perfect ingredients for the roaring twenties.  

It doesn’t take a Yale Professor to predict this. But one has, namely Dr Nicholas Christakis author of ‘Apollo’s Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live.’  “During epidemics people tend to become risk averse, save money, abstain, turn to religion.”  Christakis predicts the pendulum will swing in the opposite direction post-pandemic, with millions seeking out “extensive social interactions” to make up for lost time. 

What does this mean for the holiday rental industry? There is the strong potential of a spike in people desperate to go away on holiday and a huge upturn in bookings.  

At Stay YNA as we work across 3 countries and this has given us the chance to already see this first hand. We have to monitor three countries government responses to the virus and also the publics reactions. We also monitor the attitudes and reactions of guests behaviour so we can work out who is able to travel and very importantly who wants to travel!   

Ireland has had the most strict and lengthy lockdowns, but it has had very clear communication from its Government from the start. Meaning, we have been well informed who can travel and when people are most likely to be able to travel. The lockdowns may be long, but they have mainly been during low season, so 2020 bookings were minimally affected and some owners actually achieved a higher level of bookings as guests felt safer travelling to a rural country setting. Even though we know lockdown won’t end until late Spring we are already fully booked for the months we (fingers and toes crossed!) will be open. Ireland has already spiked!  

The French Riviera maybe a different beast, but the attitudes of guests are not. Appealing to long stays and people who wish to escape to remote work in a better climate has worked well during lockdown. Focussing on countries that are within driving distance such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy is also the key to driving bookings. Staycations are currently being focused on.  The vaccination now means the worm has turned and over the last two weeks we have seen a significant rise in genuine short term holiday stays. It has been announced the Monaco historic, E- Grandprix and Formula 1 Grand Prix are all tentatively being planned for April and May. We have been inundated with guests wishing to reserve properties. Interest is growing and as soon as we get some firm dates for a further release of lockdown on the Riviera then we suspect what the Booking Team are now calling the ‘Avalanche Effect’ will take place.  

So sit back and prepare yourself for the big spike of 2021! 

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Published by Amanda Walker  

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