Planning a Holiday in Nice? Make it a Fitness Break. With most of us being stuck indoors during lockdowns, one thing that I know for sure that has been keeping us all stay sane during lockdown is exercising! We’d usually be burning off all the pent-up stress and negative emotions by working out in the gym or going to group exercise classes but unfortunately with gyms being closed for most of the year we’ve all had to make compromises. It’s the ideal time to spoil yourself with a fitness break in the sun – Choose a luxury holiday let in Nice as your base and get started!

Did you know regular exercise is good for the soul? When you exercise it releases endorphins which creates a sense of euphoria. Exercise can also help make people feel better about themselves, increasing people’s self-esteem and giving them a positive self-image.

If you’re Staying in one of our amazing Holiday Villas in Nice, there really is no better place to exercise then Nice’s promenade – a 7km stretch that runs from the airport to the Quai des Etats Unis. The promenade is lined with palm trees and views of the glistening turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea, matched perfectly with the French Riviera sun. Just last year, France submitted the pathway for a UNESCO world heritage status. On your ‘pre-corona’ typical day, the promenade is full of joggers, cyclists, skate boarders and tourists strolling around taking in the scenic views over the Bay of Angels.


Run the length of the Promenade des Anglais

If you’re a good long-distance runner then a run along Nice’s beach front to take in the exquisite Cote D’Azur views has to be on the bucket list. If you’re feeling the challenge why not run the full length of the prom and if you’re not up for the full length (especially if it’s hot) then just run a section of it! We recommend the circular route along the sea front right out towards the port then head back to Place Garibaldi and finally through the Promenade du Paillon park.


Explore the hidden coves on Coco beach at Nice Port.

Whether it be winter or summer, then a swim in the Mediterranean Sea is a must! Coco Beach is a great place to jump off the rocks and go for a swim, there are also some amazing hidden coves to explore – and if you’re not shy of all that lives in the Mediterranean, take a pair of goggles. The water here always seems to be the purest around but be aware the water gets deep very quickly!


Hop on a velo bleue bike and go for a Nice Riviera ride.

Vélo-Bleu bikes are a great way to get around the city and still be able to exercise at the same time. There are 1750 blue bikes available at 175 stations between Nice, St Laurent du Var and Cagnes sur Mer, and a designated bike path runs between these three towns. To sign up, it costs €1/day or €5/week (€10/mo; €25/yr) and the first half of use is free. The second 30 minutes costs €1, and then it’s €2 an hour after that.


A steep climb worth the views at the top

Now this walk will take you about an hour but trust me, the panoramic views at the end will be worth every step, don’t forget to bring your phone to snap up some amazing shots! Start by walking up from Coco beach in Nice and take the coastal path towards the picturesque village of Villefranche. 10minutes in and you will see some steep steps going up to the left. Keep climbing until you come up on the main road. From here, cross the road and on the right will be the Carrefour supermarket where you will need to take the next right-hand turn. Finally, you will find a footpath to your left which will take you up to Mont Boron.


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Please refer to all government guidelines when leaving the home for exercise.