The Carnival of Nice alone justifies a stay in Nice. The Carnival is world famous and attracts nearly a million visitors of all nationalities every year. The event is held over a two-week period in February. Over 1,500 artists come from all four corners of the globe to bring the 14-metre high floats to life, as well as the battle of flowers. A parade of 20 floats with over 100,000 flowers thrown to the public – 90% of these flowers grow in the hills of the region!

History of Nice Carnival

The Nice carnival is said to have been founded in 1294. The word Carnival derives from the Latin word ‘Carnelevare’ meaning to ‘take out the meat.’ The Carnival was always before Lent, the time of year when Christians would fast, giving up favourite foods such as meat, sugar, dairy etc. It was also a celebration to welcome in the new season of Spring.

The festival grew more popular in 1873 when a Nice local called Andriot Saetone founded the ‘Festivities Committee.’ The committee transformed the Carnival into what it is today – a huge parade with unique artistic floats, costumed performers and masquerades.

This years theme

The Carnival changes theme every year. In 2019 the theme was the ‘King of Cinema’ and this year it’s ‘King of Fashion’ or in French – ‘Roi de la mode.’ This years festival is meant to celebrate the Fashion icon – Karl Lagerfeld who sadly passed last year.

This year you can expect flamboyant floats made out of papier – maché, colourful costumes which represents the strong culture that they have in France. The parade will also feature street theatre and music groups from around the world who fill the atmosphere with music and colour. As well as the confetti, silly string and flowers being thrown in all directions with the excitement.

The two week event being held 15th – 29th February is great fun for all the family!

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