We felt we needed a specialist in the area of French administration as sometimes owners issues can take time, be very unique and need a real expert! We are really happy to be working with Maria Fournaraki at Hello Nice Services. Maria is of Greek origin and has lived on the French Riviera for over 15 years and is in the process of assisting many of our owners. She has great legal and accountancy contacts as well.

Maria’s mission is to help and finding solutions, offering peace of mind while taking care of all the necessary admin and technical issues while Stay YNA focuses on bookings, guests and your homes so you sit back home and relax!

Fees: Maria’s hourly rate is 50 Euros per hour. She estimates a syndic meeting for a small building will take about 2 to 3 hours including translating the documents into English. 4 hours for medium sized building and 5 for a very large complex. 

Contact: Email us at [email protected] and we will personally introduce you with Maria. 

These are the issues Maria can help you with.

General Assembly representation Representation at the General Assembly (meeting) of the building management/syndic

License to Rent In Nice you need a license to rent your home for short term rentals. This is obtained from the Mairie and requires completing some French paper work and providing documents regarding your property. The Mairie can dismiss your application if there are any mistakes. Maria is well known by the Mairie and actually makes an appointment in person so she handles your application and resolves any issues at the meeting to ensure you get your license.

Translation services Translation of French documents into English

Will writing & Inheritance French inheritance is not straight forward and Maria has an excellent legal notaire to handle this.

Syndic and banks Communication with syndic for all issues. Assistance with opening a bank account

Accountants – make sure your tax affairs are in order by using Maria’s English speaking French Accountant.

At Stay YNA We try and handle the the following for you but in the event we are in peak season and guest arrivals are priority then the assistance of an expert may be beneficial.

Setting up Internet, phone & TV

Setting up electricity, water contracts 

Dealing with insurance claims (coordination plumbers, syndic, insurance)


Ruff et Associes

Juliette Dupuis and Maud Mestre from Ruff et Associes in Nice are our highly recommended accountants for property owners taxes and property investment/set up schemes. 4 rue du Docteur Baréty 06045 Nice +33 (There are many English accountants offering inexpensive services on the French Riviera but personally we think when you are talking about French taxes and affairs then don’t cut corners and use a reputable French company!)