Media endorsement is essential for our business and we are so proud of all the publicity we have had over the years. Our finest achievement was to be featured and recommended in the the English and Irish Times and in National Geographic. But times change and the world of media is fast paced. Today social media is our biggest form of communication and endorsement. Stay YNA lives on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The rise of the “Influencer” is a social media phenomenon and when it’s in the Oxford Dictionary you know it can’t be ignored!

An influencer is “a person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media.” Influencers can add serious credibility to a brand and its something over the last year we have been embracing and getting great results from.

Here’s our most successful ‘Influencer’ story…

Rozanna “Roz” Purcell came to fame in Ireland as a model and winner of Miss Universe in 2010. She quit modelling to start her hugely famous blog ‘Natural Born Feeder’. She is the author of three hugely popular Vegan cookbooks. One of which happened to be on the bookshelf in our kitchen before she ever came to stay with us! Her podcast Bite Back gained over 200,000 downloads in the first 8 weeks where Roz and her guests explore the journey toward self love and acceptance.

Roz has completed an Iron Man, she is the creator of Hike Life community encouraging young people to get outdoors and get off your phone. She is a Nike ambassador and winner of Irish Tatlers Woman of the Year Social Award 2019.

Most importantly she stayed with us last year at Kinard Farmhouse and featured Stay YNA on her Instagram page. Roz posted a stunning photo of her dancing dreamily outside the house wearing a romantic floral dress and hot pink cardi. Well that certainly did the trick, because our Instagram followers increased by 1200 overnight! We had over 100 email enquiries and the phone lines exploded with guests wanting to book not only at Kinard House, but anywhere in Dingle with Stay YNA.

The best influencers open the door to potential customers more so than any magazine or newspaper. An influencers followers trust their recommendations and if we have the right influencers staying and writing about us then their followers want to quite literally follow in their footsteps!

We are really excited to have a number of influencers lined up to stay with us in some of our Nice homes on the French Riviera and even though their stays have been on hold for the last year because of Covid, they are booked in for this year so we are looking forward to some exciting social media activity and bookings as a result.

What do we look for in an influencer:

They must have over 50k followers

 Their audience must be relevant and match our guest profile.

They have to feature us a certain number of times in their Instagram posts.

They must be from a country that fuels a good source of bookings Germany, Scandinavia are big areas right now. France is also a hotspot due to staycations and holidaying within your own country.

If you are interested in your home being featured for an influencers stay then let us know. We tend to use off season dates for 2 to 3 days and Stay YNA covers the concierge cost. We also have an influencer media pack if you want any more information.

Published by Amanda Walker

[email protected]