Now we all know France is famous for its cheese, so therefore there are a large amount of places where you can get the good stuff.  I try to avoid the supermarkets even though as a rule they have a good selection. Try the independent cheese traders, as they are knowledgeable and friendly.  One of particular note is Lou Froumai. I recommend trying the 3-year-old Comté, which is just something else with that salty crunch I always look for in a hard yellow cheese.  Of course, you can never ignore the others like the aged Beaufort which is sensational. They also have a great selection of ‘chèvres,’ or goats cheese, and my must try is the Epoise – a soft yet powerful cheese, creamy yet a bit stinky. Also in stock is a good selection of foie gras and charcuterie – a must-have for those impromptu aperitifs on the deck.

Lou Froumai, 25 Rue de La Préfecture, +33 6 33 88 69 48.

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