We are pledging our support to help wildlife!

It does not happen often in life that we get the chance to make a big positive impact by doing very little. Simply leaving a small patch of grass to grow longer and allowing clover to flower provides a vital source of food for our hungry native bees. Less mowing and happy bees…what’s not to love?

Earlier this year Stay YNA pledged to support The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan. This internationally acclaimed initiative is aimed at reversing the decline in Ireland’s pollinators (those hard-working bees, butterflies and other insects that provide such an important service to us all). We asked our homeowners to help us make the Dingle Peninsula a place where pollinators can survive and thrive. This call for support was warmly welcomed. Thanks especially to the owners of Dingle Town House, Rose and Tadgh, for their enthusiastic response. For many years, their beautiful garden in the heart of Dingle has been a calm oasis for visitors. Now, as we begin to reopen and welcome our guests back, we look forward to extending a warm welcome to our pollinating friends too.

At Stay YNA we are proud and excited to do what we can to help the work of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan. In addition to allowing beautiful, colourful patches of wildflowers to bloom in their gardens, many homeowners have switched to natural methods of controlling weeds, pledged to preserve flowering hedgerows, and provided cosy bee hotels! You can see how they are helping to promote biodiversity at Actions for Pollinators (biodiversityireland.ie)

I feel very privileged to be living on the stunning Wild Atlantic Way and as I look out my window past green fields to a sparkling Ventry Harbour, its hard to imagine that our wildlife is at risk, but by making a few small changes to how we manage our gardens we can do so much to help our natural environment. Hats off to the folks behind the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan for showing us how easy it can be, and to all of you who have taken those first steps to welcoming bees and butterflies back into your gardens!

Fionna Sheehy, Local Property Manager, Stay YNA