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Dingle’s Eask Tower

A small tower with big views.

Before I moved to Dingle I spent several years driving up and down from Kildare almost every weekend. At 5pm most Fridays I would race out the office door and disappear down the M50 taking my place in the general exodus heading south for the weekend. The drive down to Dingle never bothered me too much. Even with the heavy traffic and the long journey late into the evening I was always excited and happy to be on the road to my favourite part of the world. There's something about the Dingle peninsula - there's an allurement that goes beyond the stunning scenery, the warmth of the people or the music or the craic - there's a magnetism to the place that does something to your soul! I craved it back then and I'm still hooked today having lived here for the last 3 years.

Nearing the end of those journeys I used to always look forward to catching my first glimpse of Eask Tower. When the distinctly rounded shape of the tower would appear on Carhoo Hill it meant that I had just 8 minutes more driving until I finally reached my destination. The sighting of the tower would lift my spirits and my transition into Dingle mode for the weekend would be complete. Quite often the thought would occur to me that in the same way the sight of Eask Tower must have symbolised the ending of journeys for many seafarers since its construction over 150 years ago.

Built in 1847 as a famine relief project, the 12 metre tower is built of solid stone nearly 5 metres thick. The tower used to have a large wooden arrow pointing towards the mouth of Dingle harbour until it suffered storm damage in 2014. Eask Tower was built to guide ships safely towards the mouth of the Harbour. Having followed the direction of the arrow, vessels then had to navigate their way directly between two smaller white towers on either side of the entrance to the harbour in order to remain in the deepest part of the channel all the way in through the harbour. The ruins of these two towers can still be seen at either side of the mouth of the bay. Beside the tower there still stands a fully intact World War II Lookout Post. These posts were manned 24 hours a day by soldiers to protect Ireland’s neutrality during the war.

Eask Tower offers panoramic views out to the Iveragh peninsula, the Blasket Islands, across to Dingle town itself and to the mountains beyond. It is a magical location from which to watch the sun set over the Atlantic at any time of the year. It is an easy 10 minute drive from Dingle and can be reached on foot from the parking area on the road. The pleasant walk takes around 30 minutes and leads you through lush green pastures as you follow the path up to the tower. A €2 donation can be paid to the landowner. Don’t forget to close all gates as you go as there are usually sheep grazing in the area.

boys-n-tower    jez-eask-tower

A peaceful place, steeped in history -  and if you can see Eask Tower on the horizon you know you’re not far from a warm welcome, a cosy pint and the wild openness of the Dingle Peninsula.

Yasmin Kenny


A Haven of Luxury in Killarney


YNA Dingle has been a great success and we are thrilled to announce our new venture into Killarney.

The vibrant, bustling town of Killarney has a buzzing social scene, its home to a huge variety of pubs and restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets. Brimming with culture, steeped in history and surrounded by breathtaking scenery, there is something uniquely special to offer to every type of visitor. From adventure lovers to foodies to music fans to those who simply want to relax and unwind completely Killarney provides a wealth of opportunities.

Introducing ‘Killarney Haven’ our first Stay YNA Killarney home. This trendy town house has it all ... a luxurious outdoor hot tub, hammocks and tastefully decorate interior which includes two large double bedrooms best-hot-tubto ensure all it’s lucky guests have a super comfortable stay. Located just off the Ross Road, it is a short five minutes walk to the lively heart of Killarney town. After so much adventure, activity and indulgence the hot tub and hammocks are the perfect tonic for the weary traveller. Then if it's a good meal, a few social beverages and plenty of craic you're after you are in for a treat as its all just around the corner.

An adventurers paradise, Killarney and it's surrounds are a second-to-none playground for the outdoor enthusiast. Cyclists are spoiled for choice when it comes to scenic routes which take them off the beaten track through wild rugged landscapes. Molls gap and the Gap of Dunloe provide challenging climbs for those looking to push themselves, the views are worth it!

Stunning routes for walkers range from casual strolls such as the spectacular Torc Waterfall or the grounds of Muckross National Park to scaling the heights of Carrauntoohil, Ireland's highest mountain. A half day guided kayak trip from Ross Castle on the idyllic Lough Leane is an unforgettable experience. The trip includes a stop-off at the historical Inisfallen island which is home to the ancient ruins of one of Ireland's first monasteries and a herd of wild Sika deer.


Pubs, bars and restaurant signs in a town in Ireland

For those seeking to soak in the scenery in a more relaxed fashion, the Killarney Day Tour takes guests through the Gap of Dunlop by pony and trap followed by an open boat cruise along the lake or you could simply shop till you drop in the many boutique shops along its colourful streets.

Whats not to love!  

Celebrate… Dingle Style. The Festival of May….Féile na Bealtaine

Wriiten by Grá Dingle Health Foods Owner and artist Kate Shelley

If there was ever a time that Dingle opens it’s feathers fully & flashes it’s peacock colours, it’s Feile Na Bealtaine. This buzzing May festival brings together the vast resident talent alongside national & international artists, musicians, word smiths & dancers to create a lively & diverse long weekend of fun.





The feile is family friendly & really has something for everyone, whether your taste is classical, traditional, funk, world or general madness & mayhem.

On Thursday & Friday, debates, poetry readings & art exhibitions begin to mingle with music gigs & DJ nights. Saturday sees the town park transform into a circus & petting zoo. Bands play outside under marquees. The whole town enters into festival mode & the streets come alive with laughter, music & walkabout performers. Afternoon gives way to evening & it seems, as you walk around the town, that every venue has a different sound emerging from it. You taste one flavour, then another, entering portals that bring you into entirely different worlds. Sunday begins to gear up for the parade, then more music and performance follow till late in the night.


Bealtaine celebrates the start of summer in the Celtic calendar. The Celtic calendar begins with Samhain (Halloween), when the world is about to be plunged into darkness, the start of winter. Bealtaine is the last of the three spring festivals and brings light, fire, hope, celebration of fertility and joy.

Dingle is a magnet for creative minds & a large portion of the population is made up of artists, musicians & artisan food producers. This is a small town with many visitors in summer and isolated in winter, a town on the edge of the atlantic, battered by storms, it is rugged and windswept. This unique town, with all it’s inherent talent, mixed with old world spirituality and a true excitement at leaving the winter behind, has brought about an explosion of celebration. The whole town comes together, looks forward to this festival and really puts their heart and soul into it.

We have limited availability for the Feille Na Bealtaine which kicks off on 27th April 2017, so search for your perfect dates in our Dingle homes collection. 

Made in…Dingle!

With the Dingle Film Festival starting tonight Clodagh Edwards caught up with Dingles very own success story, award winning filmmaker Elaine Kennedy. Here she shares her thoughts with us after the recent success of her short film ‘Uisce Beatha – The Water of Life’, which is screening this Sunday afternoon at The Dingle Film Festival.

Elaine wrote, directed and starred in the critically acclaimed film that has won awards across the globe. As well as her own project Elaine has also acted in several other successful Irish films in 2016… Making it, Dead along the way and pick ups.

Wow, what a year you’ve had. What was the highlight of 2016?

Thanks, yes it’s been a fantastic past 12 months…. The highlight of 2016 had to be winning best film at the Richard Harris International Film Festival where we were also nominated for 2 other awards for best actor and best director.



What was the inspiration for Uisce Beatha Water of Life?

Uisce beatha - water of life was based on a true story about an experience I had with my dad a few years ago. Friends and family were moved by the story and I knew that it had all the right ingredients to make a good short film.

What makes the Dingle Film Festival unique? 

We are extremely fortunate to have such a high calibre festival in dingle. It attracts industry professionals from all over the country and this years new pow wow event will be a huge draw and very educational plus a great way to network with other professionals. I'm really looking forward to it and Im sure it will be a massive success. I'm very fortunate to have it in my door step every year.


What films are top of your list to see at the Dingle Film Festival this year?

I’m looking forward to seeing the other great films by female film makers living in Dingle that will be screened as part of the “Dingle women in film” programme. I’m also looking forward to seeing the other short films in the festival. I enjoy short films as there is a real craft to telling a story in approximately 10 mins and trying to succeed in achieving the same effect on the audience as you would with a full feature length film.

You still have to bring the audience on a “journey” but in a much shorter space of time. In 90 mins you can watch up to 10 films so there’s always lots to talk and debate about afterwards!

It’s great to support locally made films and “Making It” directed by Eamon Norris which was filmed in North Kerry is a very funny film! Ironically I am acting in this film as well, as my good friend Moya Farrelly who is a very naturally talented actor also lives in Dingle. It’s about a guy called Mike who has lost his job and decides to make a movie, so it’s a movie within a movie!

Stanley – A man of variety directed by Stephen Cookson is having its Irish premiere and stars Timothy Spall (Turner, Secrets & Lies, Harry Potter).

After Involvement in several Irish film productions last year, what do you feel about the Irish Film Industry’s status globally?

I really think it’s a really good time for film in Ireland, as we have gained recognition worldwide for our natural talent of storytelling in a visual format with writers such as Benjamin Cleary who won the Oscar with Stutterer in 2016 and directors such as Lenny Abrahamson director of “Room”. We also have some very talented Irish Actors doing very well globally with the likes of Colin Farrell, Brendan & Domhnall Gleason, Saoirse Ronan, Ruth Negga etc. Ireland and Kerry in particular is becoming a talked about place for film location with Star Wars returning for the second time to film here last year. With the new studio facilities opening up in Limerick we should see more international projects coming to Ireland to avail of our indoor and outdoor filming locations.


What is your all time favourite film?

No one has said they have seen it…. But my favourite film is North Country 2005 directed by Niki Caro. It makes me cry every time!! Ironically, the lead character and the director are female but that’s not the reason why I like it. However, I wish there were more roles like this for women in film and that is why I hope to write more of my own work to create female roles that are more powerful rather than the girl next door type role that we so often see. I love to see a female role that shows strength, intelligence, bravery and courage because that’s what women are.

As a successful female director & actor living in rural Ireland, you are an inspiration to women out there. Have you any advice to young Irish artists?

I tend to make goals and “to do” lists for myself….. I can visualise the huge end goal that I want to achieve and then I break it down into smaller parts making smaller more achievable and less daunting goals. I focus on each goal but with high expectations.

Don’t depend on others to help make it happen for you. Starting is always the hardest but once you start to see progress it gets easier.

Do something every single day no matter how small to achieve your goal.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you cant do something. Hearing things like this can throw you and make you feel less confident about your decisions. Go with your gut feelings.

Finally work hard and be patient but don’t sit still while you wait!

Your short film has been well received at film festivals around the globe. What does the future hold? Any plans for 2017?

I am currently working on an idea that I feel would make a very interesting tv series… its early days but I definitely want to write more and make more films. I would hope to do more directing and acting in the future.

Everyone loves Dingle, but what do you love about Dingle?

I love Dingle’s spirit and energy…. There’s something here that words can’t describe and that I haven’t found anywhere else in the world. It’s the people, the streets, the air, the mountains and the sea. Dingle is great for creativity and community spirit. I think we all have a little madness about us in Dingle but in a very good way. It’s a very special place that I love and I am very proud of. I feel very lucky to live here….. Who needs Hollywood!

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The Green Party!

Clodagh Edwards (Director of STAY YNA Dingle) has a passion for Dingle history and tradition. St Patrick’s day has both and also fulfils her other passion – the love of a good party! Here’s her perfect St Patricks day in her beloved home town…

20% of all St Patrick Day stays 13-17th March – use promocode Paddy20

RISE AND SHINE… At first light, as the sun rises over Dingle, early birds and night owls join together to wake up the town. On St Patrick’s Day The Dingle Fife and Drum Band join them at 6am.  It’s the 1st parade of St Patricks day in the whole of Ireland. so is pretty special. It’s also not just a tourist gimmick and has its roots in a time when it was forbidden to gather in big groups in daylight for fear of revolution. So this early morning parade has its heart deeply set in the historical roots of Ireland.

The parade winds its way around the town and folk of all ages walk straight out of their homes and join in the march. As they make there way up Green Street there is a break for mass in St Mary’s Church. A brilliant tradition.

We really need more breakfast cafes in Dingle, but there is a one place for scrumptious late breakfast/brunch at the Greys Lane Bistro just a short distance up Green Street on the right.A BRISK WALK…
If you don’t make the 1st parade or you want to stretch your legs before the next parade then you could take a short walk on the marina across from the Aquarium or a longer walk but still easy stroll along the coast out to the lighthouse (just past the Skellig Hotel about 40 mins return).
On the corner by the bistro is a great spot to watch the next parade at Midday full of children, cattle, musicians and locals. This 2nd parade is for everyone and is definitely unique with floats displaying sheep, tractors, babies, boats and dogs in green tutu’s. It’s charming, fun and feels very personal as it is a parade for St. Patricks day not the tourists, some of the costumes are ingenious made from whatever could be found in the press.DRINK TO THE MUSIC…
There are lots of amazing things to do in Dingle for all ages besides drinking but on St. Patricks day it would be rude not to explore the interiors of a least a few of our characteristically Dingle Pubs, as inside you will also find something for everyone. All the following pubs are on our STAY YNA app available to download for free from your app store.You will stumble across a day session of traditional music in most of the pubs but this is where you would find us …Kennedy’s because it’s so cool for school and has an enclosed courtyard for the kids!
Dick Mack’s is full of character and characters. Something funny or entertaining always happens here, it’s just one of those places. This famous whiskey bar was originally a leather makers (shoes belts etc) and a pub co existing together in harmony! They still do leather workshops.
The Courthouse is a great pub always showcasing the best of Irish folk and trad music. It’s small with a big ambiance.
Foxy Johns because it’s a hardware store and a pub and that should be supported. It resembles a tardis as opens it out into a huge backroom with an open fire so good for families if it’s raining. Currans was a hat shop and a pub, another great union. It still has cute snugs and all the original shop features, apothecary cabinets filled with curiosities.

Nelly Fred’s Garage is where all the non traditional Irish bands play, we have been to some great gigs there so will be checking their agenda for the night.
The above stops are all at the top of town if your at the bottom of town Annie Agnes is a great little pub to visit on Green Street as is Bawns across the way, I love the back room there so, so 70’s.

Food for us will be a possible stop at The Boatyard on the harbour for the kids favourite calamari or a seafood frenzy up at Doyles on John Street… we will probably snack on the delights from Bacus bakery/cafe during the day and I know later before we head home we will pick up a take away from Chewy’s food van nestled in by Dick macs in a cute, trendy courtyard.

STAY CLOSE TO THE ACTION… It’s a lovely day to just be in Dingle and soak up the atmosphere. Local parades and festivals unite a town and the children just love being involved. Dingle sure has its fair share of them throughout the year! If you want to stay in the heart of Dingle the following homes are in the heart of town or a short drive away…

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Get that De ja vu feeling with Stay YNA 3D

Pictures are great, but imagine walking round the home you’re thinking about booking before you’ve even got there! Well now you can with our new 3D tours. Stroll into the property, walk round the beds, check out the kitchen appliances, check the stairs are manageable. discover all the hidden corners of your home from home before you even book and make sure it’s perfect for you with no surprises! Check out our new 3D world for yourself…

Experience the hot tub in the Green House and discover the house’s quirky layout with the dolls house view floor plan…

Check out the funky interior design in Saoirse and explore the two spacious lounges

Get the real feel for cozy La Croix in Old Town Nice, count the steps up to the apartment and peek into the cute kitchen

Have a look round the bedrooms in Anais, get your head round the layout of the apartment, what were the books on the shelves?

Pretty cool right? All our Nice, Dingle and Cyprus properties will have their own 3D imaging by early 2017 so watch this space and discover your favourite


Hot tub at the Green House


Food glorious food

Food glorious food

Dingle Food Festival

Dingle Food Festival

Farmers markets, taste trails, cookery demos, wine trails, workshops and the chance to meet famous chefs! If this sounds like your thing then head over to Dingle for the annual Food Festival.

Now in it’s tenth year the festival, attracts thousands of visitors from around the world and the whole town goes into a foodie frenzy. There are farmers markets all around the town and a taste trail that takes in over 60 outlets.  If you want some insider tips there are cookery demos from top international chefs in Benners Hotel from 12:00 on Saturday and Sunday. You can also meet them for coffee at the Dingle Whiskey Distillery at 11:30 on Sunday 2nd October. Even if you are not a culinary master, there’s plenty for amateurs too including the special 10th anniversary edition Great Dingle Bake Off- there’s still time to enter as well!

The festival takes place from 30th September to 2nd October and if you fancy joining in this celebration of food we’ve still got limited availability for the weekend, with £100 off your stay!

Most events are free of charge but there will be collection buckets around the town with all money raised going to charity

To book your Dingle food experience, visit our site and use promo code YUMMY100

For more information on the events and festival programme visit


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Dingle Founding Fathers

Dingle Whiskey- crafted by nature

Dingle distillery

Dingle distillery

Irish whiskey is known the world over, but did you know that there are now only 3 whiskey distilleries in Ireland? Actually make that 4…The Porterhouse Group, pioneers of craft brewing in Ireland have created the Dingle Whiskey Distillery! With the whiskey-crafting knowedge of John McDougall, the only man alive who has distilled all 5 forms of Scotch Whisky, Irish whiskey and gin, this artisan distillery will eventually have the capacity to produce two hogsheads of spirit per day or 500 litres of the highest quality spirit.

Now the picturesque town of Dingle has a long been a mecca for those who appreciate a tipple or two; the town has over 50 pubs! It is also a gourmet haven with some of the best food on the Emerald Isle. So an artisan distillery, carefully crafting the finest Irish whiskey couldn’t find a better home!

The Founding Fathers

The Founding Fathers

Those of you in the know will realise that whiskey making is more of a marathon than a sprint, in fact in order to be awarded the accolade of being a whiskey, a spirit must be in the cask for no less than 3 years and 1 day!  And, as we learned that whiskey is made by nature, not by human hand! The very first cask of Dingle whiskey was opened in the autumn of 2015 and there are no plans to release another cask until this year’s food festival with the remaining casks being left to mature for another 5,10,20 years….So what makes this whiskey so special? They employ an artisanal method using three copper stills, the distillery purchase a selection of previously-used casks that have held port, sherry, bourbon, the magical alchemy of a “young” oak cask (one that has been used only once before) infuses flavours into the whiskey- no two casks are the same! One of things I loved about this project was that local people were invited to invest in one of the original casks; the first 500 casks of Dingle whiskey to be distilled, finished in whatever wood, port, sherry, madeira or bourbon according to the owners’ wishes belong to members of the local community. The golden contents were distilled and are now being aged and will only be bottled when the owner is ready. These investors are known as “The Founding Fathers”.

Secret botanicals

Secret botanicals

But what to do while you are waiting for nature to work it’s magic and transform what is essentially a spirit made of barley into for what many is the nectar of the gods? You make vodka and gin of course!

Our Bookings Coordinator Laura and Marketing Manager Abi headed over to Dingle to visit our beautiful houses there and get a better understanding of all that Dingle has to offer our guests. Along with our Dingle Director Clodagh, we were privileged to be invited to take part in a tour of the Dingle Distillery. Now I am not a committed spirit drinker by nature, I love my wine but, I have to say…I am officially a convert! Even if you choose not to imbibe, a visit to the distillery is a fascinating trip into Irish history. Apparently back in the day , there were over 1200 distilleries in Ireland (admittedly not all entirely legal!)

VIP tasting bar!

VIP tasting bar!

The distillery employs local people, teaching them the ancient alchemy of their forebears. Our hosts and guides Mary and Joe are passionate about the project and gave us the warmest of Irish welcomes. We started our visit in the VIP bar where we had our first taste of vodka and gin- smooth is not the word! We had heard much praise for Dingle Gin and Dingle Vodka in the local pubs (purely in the interests of customer reasearch you understand) and were certainly not disappointed. The distillery buy the high grade base alcohol and then re-distil the vodka prior to bottling. I had no idea that vodka and gin are are essentially the same base. Obviously the key requirement of gin is juniper berries but in Dingle they also add a secret mix of botanicals which contribute to its wonderful smooth flavour, it’s like nothing else I’ve ever tasted! After touring the distillery our tour group congregated around one of the tasting tables , we were shown poitín (see illegal stills above!) some of us even tasted it!, had the chance to ask questions and of course sample some more of the delicious produce from this fantastic distillery.

Dingle Gin and Dingle Vodka are served in most restaurants and pubs in the town (a fact we took full advantage of!), there are tours of the distillery (just 15 minutes walk from the harbour) several times a day. I personally cannot recommend this experience enough; a fascinating insight into local history, a beautiful setting and really rather delicious drinks! We can’t wait until the next cask of whiskey is cracked open! Many thanks to the staff of The Dingle Whiskey Distillery for a most informative and enjoyable afternoon

Your holiday in safe hands

Ask the local experts

Here at YNA we think your holiday is all about the personal, that’s why wherever you stay with us you will have a local manager to meet you on arrival and share their tips on the best places to visit, where to eat, the nicest beaches and anything else you need to know to make your stay memorable for all the right reasons!

With three destinations and so many beautiful houses, cottages, villas and apartments to choose from we’ve talked to our team and asked where they like to stay and what they like to do on holiday to give you some ideas. And, if you book one of this week’s recommended properties we’ve got some special offers for you too!

Nice- Directors Simon & Amanda Walker- Travelling with young children

The Walker Family

The Walker Family

“On our last visit to Nice, we stayed in Aura as we have a 4 year old and 2 year old. Its terrace is enclosed and very safe for little ones which means we can actually chill out with a glass of wine whilst they are safely playing. Most Nice properties have balconies which with a 2 year old that loves climbing means that staying in an apartment with a safe outside terrace is heaven. Aura is also a great price as the second room has a single bed and we just added a cot. So it was a good budget option without the budget feel! It’s also right next to the chateau which has a fabulous park and play areas for the kids. We packed a picnic and spent many hours up there. There are lots of gorgeous restaurants and bars in the area and a few minutes walk into the old town. So we were able to feel like we had evenings out even though we were home by 8pm as there was little walking involved. It’s a star stay for families who little ones!”

The large secure terrace at Aura

The large secure terrace at Aura

Amanda, Simon, Fox and Flynn Walker recommend Aura a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment with a spacious and secure terrace

Book 4 nights or more in Aura and we’ll take £40 off!

Use promo code WALKER to book Aura online




Nice- Admin Manager Grace- Combining business and pleasure

2006-03-23 13.33.16“I travel to Nice quite often for work but usually get some time to explore and enjoy myself too! I love the Old Town for its great selection of bars, restaurants and cafes. As my colleagues will tell you I am a bit of a fussy eater but Nice has so many different eating options that even I have plenty of choice. Top of my list is Acchiardo on Rue Droite, they do the best ever steak, cooked exactly as I like it. It’s very popular so we usually book in advance. For a more casual meal, the Bar du Coin does amazing pizzas, they are enormous! The Old Town is busy all year round so even if I am travelling on my own I feel quite happy wandering around in the evening. The Cours Saleya is great for a nice cold beer at the end of a hot day and then I like to go to the Le Blue Whales or Waynes Bar on Rue de la Préfecture later on. Le Blue Whales on Rue Mascoinat has a great bilingual pub quiz every week- we usually take part with our local colleagues and let me tell you, competition is fierce!

I like staying right at the heart of the Old Town within easy walk of the beach and all the restaurants and bars. I recommend Lily or La Croix for couples or single travellers and Rossetti if you are travelling with friends.”

View from Lily at the heart of the Old Town

View from Lily at the heart of the Old Town

La Croix, Old Town

La Croix, Old Town

Place Rossetti viewed from Rossetti

Place Rossetti viewed from Rossetti

Grace recommends Lily, La Croix and Rossetti for their central location right at the heart of Nice’s vibrant Old Town. Book one of these properties for 4 nights or more and we’ll take £40 off! Use promo code GRACE to book online today


Nice- Bookings Coordinator Laura- First time visitor

Laura at the Colline du Château

Laura at the Colline du Château

“I joined the YNA team quite recently so I am getting to know all our properties which of course means I get to visit our destinations and check them out (yay!). I had my first trip to Nice a couple of weeks back and totally loved it, it made a real difference to see our apartments “in the flesh” and I have a few favourites already. When my boyfriend and I travel we like to have plenty of space so an apartment rather than a cramped hotel room is great for us. Having literally walked ALL OVER Nice, I saw that it really is very compact, wherever you stay nothing is that far away. I really love Paradis in Carré d’Or because it has loads of space and a great location. It is in the pedestrian area right next to all the boutiques and shops and as I am a bit of a shopaholic this appealed to me. It is also super stylish and deluxe. Another apartment I really liked is Destinie, its a two-bedroom so would be a good option if we were travelling with friends, again it is really spacious and the location is great too. It is in Massena but tucked way in a quite street, really close to the shops of course but also near to the beach and old town. I am off to Dingle next week and can’t wait to discover new favourites there too!”

Super spacious Paradis

Super spacious Paradis

Destinie 2 bedroom apartment Massena

Destinie 2 bedroom apartment Massena

Laura recommends Paradis and Destinie for their central location and spacious layouts. Book 4 nights or more in Paradis or Destinie and we’ll take £40 off! Use promo code LAURA to book today



Dingle- Director Clodagh- Family Time with older children

Clodagh, Phil, Georgia & Noah with Dingle in the background

Clodagh, Phil, Georgia & Noah with Dingle in the background

“My kids are now at that pre-teen stage so need to be kept occupied on holiday. Dingle Town is a great base for families with older children because there is so much going on that everyone will find something to keep them happy. There are boat trips from the harbour, the Aquarium, the beach and some great walks close by. I recommend Dundreemin for its indoor/ outdoor space and location. It’s situated right in the middle of all the fun but on a quiet street. The contemporary kitchen/ diner is flooded with light and opens out onto a great private garden, we’ve enjoyed many a picnic there! Kids will love popping off to Murphy’s for ice cream or to the summer amusement park on the harbour or the park just round the corner. Everything is just a few minutes walk away and when the kids are finally in bed or busy with their tablets, the first floor balcony is a great place for the grown ups to enjoy a well-deserved quiet drink!”

sized diner with gardenClodagh recommends Dundreemin for a family holiday in Dingle Town. This 2 bedroom house also has a self-contained chalet in the garden- a great adventure for older kids or a haven for Mum and Dad!

Book Dundreemin for 2 nights or more and we’ll take £100 off! (excludes July & August). Use promo code CLODAGH to book Dundreemin today



Cyprus- Director Andriana- A relaxing beach holiday with friends

Andriana enjoying the summer nights in Protaras

Andriana enjoying the summer nights in Protaras

“One of the great things about Cyprus is that you don’t have to drive far for a total change of scene! When I have time off I like to head over to Protaras on the East coast for a few days chilling out with friends. We literally spend the whole day on the beach, Fig Tree Bay is one of my favourites, lots of people say it is the best beach on the island with its white sand, warm clear waters…total paradise! When we’re in Protaras we are in holiday-mode so no dashing around. In the evening we usually have a relaxing drink out on the terrace first before heading out later to Kalamies for a fish meze and then onto The Cliff Bar. The bar is perched on the cliffs overlooking Konnos Bay, it has great views in the daytime and in the evening is just a really zcn chill-out bar. The perfect end to a lazy day!

If I am with a group of friends The Beach House or Sea Shore are perfect, you can literally step out of the house onto the beach path- great for a morning or evening dip. If I want a quiet break then High View is great, really relaxing setting with the gardens but also close to the night life.”

The Beach House- great terrace right next to the sea

The Beach House- great terrace right next to the sea

Sea Shore- great for the beach and relaxing

Sea Shore- great for the beach and relaxing

High View, lovely pool and lush gardens

High View, lovely pool and lush gardens

Andriana recommends The Beach House, Sea Shore and High View in beautiful Protaras. If you book 4 nights or more we’ll take £40 off (excludes July & August). Use promo code ANDRIANA to book today


Cyprus- Marketing Manager Abi- Catching up with friends and enjoying the sun

Abi enjoying lunch by the sea in Limassol

Abi enjoying lunch by the sea in Limassol

“I lived in Cyprus for 16 years so when I go back either for work or a holiday, catching up with friends is a priority as well as soaking up as much sun as I can! I love Limassol because there is so much going on and the beach is never more than a few minutes away. The Old Town is one of my favourite areas, it’s totally buzzing with life and new restaurants, cafes and bars seem to pop up all the time so I usually head down there to meet friends in the evening. On my “must do” list for any visit is eating fresh seafood at the beach- I don’t know why but it always tastes so much better by the sea. I recently discovered the fried calamari with sweet chilli at La Isla beach bar and they were to die for! These days when I am in Cyprus I usually have to work so staying in one of our city-centre apartments Camellia or Narcissus makes sense. Location-wise they are handy for work, but also great for going out in the evening and just a few minutes from the beach so ideal for my favourite after-work swim.

Next time I am in Cyprus I will also be going to see our newest property, Casa Indy in Fasoula. I used to live next door and watched the renovations over the years so I can’t wait to see the finished article and celebrate with a glass of something sparkling next to the brand new infinity pool!”

Narcissus, 3 bedroom apartment Limassol

Narcissus, 3 bedroom apartment Limassol

Camellia, city centre apartment Limassol

Camellia, city centre apartment Limassol

Casa Indy, Boutique village house Fasoula

Casa Indy, Boutique village house Fasoula

Abi recommends Camellia and Narcissus for business or holidays that make the most of all Limassol has to offer and Casa Indy for a relaxing village escape in a boutique house. If you book 4 nights or more we’ll take £40 off! Use promo code ABI to book online today