We handle all the cleaning and maintenance of your home. Your property is cleaned before each guest arrival and maintenance checks are carried out and emergency callouts are handled as part of the guest concierge fee. However, there may be extra work that needs to be carried out to ensure your home is kept in great condition or you may require extra services in low season. If there is anything you wish us to provide that we have not included on our list then please let us know how we can help improve our service!


Deep Cleaning end of season or during periods of no guests

22.0 €  per hour

Specialist sofa and carpet cleaning & stain removal


4 seaters (2m) 180.00 €

3 seaters 150.00 €

2 seater 120.00 €

Single Armchair 35.00 €    Stool 25.00 €

Rugs 25.00 € per square metre

Spot Cleaning from sofas, chairs, rugs, mattresses 35.00€ per hour (60.00€ minimum call out)


Single 120.00 €    Double 150.00 €    King 170.00 €

Shopping 22.0 €  per hour

Health & Safety we install the relevant fire, carbon monoxide equipment window protection as part of our set up fee. We do need to check these every 2 years by an expert and this will be communicated to you with a price. We do this for all our properties for a discounted rate.

Maintenance Team & Attending Maintenance Meetings

We have a team of experts on hand that deal with all aspects of property maintenance. Each company or tradesman has their own price but all offer us very good rates as have worked with us for many years. Electricians, Gas technicians, Air Conditioning,  Pest Control. If it is not an emergency call out then we charge 30 Euros per hour for our House Managers to attend as this is beyond the remit of the concierge Management fee charged to guests. We do not allow Maintenance Contractors to go into a property when a guest is staying there without a House Manager being present.


We have an in-house painter / decorator that can provide a quote for you. Our painter has high quality work and offers great rates. He can also work on a paint now pay later when you get bookings basis!

Administration, Syndic Meetings, Accountants & Legal Issues

We work with an expert providing the best administration services in Nice. Goto our French Administration Help section to get all the help you need!