As each property is unique they have different earning potentials dependent on location, size, amenities and style. It also depends on how much you wish to use your home and if we have a winter monthly rental which can be very profitable in low season and a great boost to your income. We charge a nightly price as it is essential we take flexible bookings. Nice has a huge market for short and long term breaks, we analysis rates on a yearly basis to maximise your income.
We provide you with a rental assessment and an annual income projection after viewing your home. But, to give you an idea here's an example of a net income to the owner that homes can achieve.
We have one beds earning Euros 10,000, Euros 20,000 and even Euros 35,000 for a very high specification luxury home.
Two beds tend to start at around Euros 15,000 and can reach upto Euros 35,000.
Three beds on average earn about Euros 30,000 to Euros 45,000. Villas vary greatly and start from around Euros 60,000.


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