We've taken a selection of homes across the French Riviera to give you a guide as to how much you can earn. Location, views, style of house and facilities all make a huge difference so don't hesitate to contact us for more details and for advice on the best properties to buy or how to get the most out of your current home.


1 bed apartment Old Town Euros 10,000

1 bed apartment Old Town with unique selling point eg: balcony with spectacular view Euros 16,000 – 20,000

2 bed apartment with terrace Euros 20,000

3 bed apartment Euros 30,000


The income can vary widely for villas and it is not simply down to number of bedrooms. Size, facilities and most importantly unique attributes have a huge influence.

A modest 5 bedroom 5 bathroom villa with a small pool and hot tub starts at Euros 80,000.

A larger spacious 5 bedroom villa with larger grounds and pool will reach in excess of Euros 200,000

Please contact us for a more accurate assessment

Villefranche & Antibes

1 bed apartment with terrace Euros 20,000 plus

2 bed apartment with shared pool or jacuzzi Euros 32,000 plus

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