We've taken a selection of homes across the Dingle and Iveragh Peninsula to give you a guide as to how much you can earn. Location, views, style of house and facilities all make a huge difference to a holiday homes earning potential.

It also depends on how much and when you wish to use your home and if we have a winter monthly rental which can be very profitable in low season and a great boost to your income. We charge a nightly price as it is essential we aren't restrictive as with flexible flights people don't tend to be tied to 7 and 14 day holidays anymore. We analysis rates on a yearly basis to maximise your income and we provide you with a rental assessment and an annual income projection after viewing your home. Bookings build over time and with great reviews and it is essential to allow our bookings team to be flexible often resulting in incomes can grow beyond expectations! To give you an idea here's an example of a net income that homes currently achieve.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more details and for advice on the best properties to buy or how to get the most out of your current home.

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Dingle Peninsula

Dingle Town Centre

2 bed apartment Euros 12,000 to Euros 15,000

3 bed Euros 14,000 to Euros 23,000

4/5 bed Euros 23,000 to Euros 30,000

West of Dingle

3 bed  Euros 15,000 to Euros 25,000

4 bed Euros 19,000 Euros to 30,000

5 bed upto Euros 52,000

Brandon/ Cloghane/ Castlegregory 

3 bed Euros 12,000 to Euros 32,000

4 bed Euros 16,000 to Euros 32,000

5 bed Euros 20,000 to Euros 32,000                                                                                          

Iveragh Peninsula

3 bed Euros 25,000 to Euros 18,000

4 bed Euros 18,000 to Euros 32,000

5/6 bed Euros 30,000 to Euros 52,000             


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